the one and only

larry stylinson fanfiction


1. the move

louis is bold

mom is underline

louis p.o.v



today i was moving to Holmes Chapel because my mom found this job in there and she said her friend leave there and had a son so he would show me around at school and around town too but i was hoping that he was cute and you are wondering if am gay and the answer is yes i am my family is the only people that know that am gay in my old school i had to go out with girls so i could be 'cool' people that are gay are bully a lot i really dirent want to be bully so i stared going out with girls i still like boys more than girls but i guess in my new school i will have to act like i like girls again.anyways we were leaving in an hour and right now i was packing last minute like always my sisters and mom were in the kitchen eating and talking.

finally am done!! i yell 

finally come on lou we have to go or we are going to be late, my mom yell from downstairs 

coming mom 

i really hate moving it mean new school ,new friends ,new house ,everything is new. and i have to start from the bottom in my old school i was popular now people going to think am a dork or a nerd. but maybe my mom friend son could be popular and if he shows me around i would have to be next to him which means i could become popular once again but he could be a ned or dork and that would be very bad because that would mean i would never become a popular and that bad, lets just pray he is cool.

mom what is the name of your friend son?

harry styles and he like girls 

mom am just wondering 

and am just telling you 


go to sleep is a long car ride 

okay good night mom

good night lou lou


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