Face Down

hey my name is December Roberts my life is horrible i have an abusive dad and my mother died when i was 4 i cut myself and im misserable and the only thing that keeps me from committing suicide is music i have my mothers old guitar and write songs with it one day i meet a special blue eyed boy. this is my story...


2. for the love of a daughter

i woke up to my dad screaming at me i got up from the cold floor(my bed) and put on my ripped skinny jeans(i didn't buy them ripped) and my old long sleeved shirt with my old converse and put my hair in a messy bun since i cant really comb it then went down stairs to my dad who had a empty beer bottle in one hand he walked up to me and smashed right on top of my head i fell to the ground in pain my dad then kicked me in the side and screamed"go get me another bear!" i quickly got up and whipped the tears off my face and went to the fridge and brought it back to my dad then quickly left for school i grabbed my bag and started my walk for school i came across the park and decided to just stay there for a bit i grabbed my guitar from it's hiding place and started singing the newest song i wrote it's called For The Love Of A Daughter( if you don't know the song it's by Demi Lovato) once i was done i was in tears and i heard clapping from behind me i turned around startled and saw 5 boys around my age standing there i was scared and looked down i heard one of them say "you were amazing no need to be shy" i looked up slowly and saw the one with curly hair standing right in front of me i turned around slowly and put my guitar back in it's case and stood up with my guitar case and backpack i put the guitar behind the bushes and was just about to leave when the one with blond hair said" wait were are you going?" i just ran for the school once i got there i heard the first bell ring so i quickly went to my locker and put my bag in there then went to my first class music. once i got there i was just in time so i quickly got in my seat in the far back corner or the room then my teacher Mr. Dennys went to the front of the room and said with exitment "we are having a speacil band in here for the next 2 months to help perpare for the battle of the schools( it's a music battle against a lot of schools and there is a big rewared) so i am pleased to welcome One Direction!" then One Direction walked into he classroom and all the girls were screaming and crying while the boys just sat in their seats annoyed i looked up from my desk and saw the 5 boys from the park so i quickly put my head back down and tryed to cover my face with my hair because they are the only people who have ever heard me sing everyone else just thinks that im mute once all the girls calmed down and went back in their seat Mr.Dennys explained that there will be 5 groups and  each boy will be teaching a group then he called out the names for a person named Harry and they were Kristine, Karsyn ,Lauren, Naddia,, Noah, and Andy then for a person named Louis and his were Mackenzie, Rachel, Lily, Emma, Trinity , Zac, and Morgan next it was Liams group who was Haley, Kim, Rebeca, Laura, Emmett,and Ian and next there was Zayns group who was Michel, Aiden, Alex, Ally, and Taylor and finally there was Niall's group who was Winter, Kelly, December(me), Chris, and Jordon i sighed Chris and Jordon are my main bullys yaay i slowly got up and went to were i was supposed to be and looked down at least Winter and Kelly are in my group they are the closest thing i have to friends Winter has long dirty blond hair and brown eyes and is average hight and really skinny in other words BEAUTIFUL and then there was kelly who has brest lenght dirty blond hair and blue eyes she is pretty tall and also BEAUTIFUL 

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