Not your typical love story

My name is Jordyn Krammer. My parents died a month ago, and I'm an only child. I have two best friends. Matthew and Jennifer. But they are popular, so they don't hang out with me at school. I'm a target. Not a bully, a victim. And my bully... Is Zayn Malik, and his four best friends. And I'm... In love with Zayn.


14. Your The One



Harry P.O.V.


I was in my room, when I heard the front door open, then close. I got up from my bed, opened the door, and headed downstairs. When I got down there, I saw Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn on the couch with her.



Jordyn P.O.V.


Harry slowly made his way over to Zayn. He sat down next to Zayn, our eyes not leaving each others.

"J-Jordyn?" Harry stuttered. "Hi Harry." I whispered. "Long time no see." He said, grinning. I smiled. "Yeah, I've missed you guys." I said looking around at all the boys, breaking Harry and I's contact.

"So, we heard you got a boyfriend." Niall said. I looked at them in shock. "Who said that?!" I practically yelled. "The lady at the front desk!" Louis yelled back, mimicking me.

I giggled. "I DONT have a boyfriend. That's my friend Austin. Actually, he's gay. But I don't care. Actually, gay guys are the best!" "I'm gay!" Harry yelled. "Oh, so I cant date you?" I winked.

"I'm NOT gay!" Harry yelled again. We all laughed. I looked over at Liam and smiled. He returned the smile. I looked at his hand and saw the promise ring.

"Liam. Your wearing the ring." I said, a tear streaming down my face. "He never leaves home with out it!" Zayn laughed. I chuckled. "Jordyn?" Harry asked. "Yeah Harry?" "Can I talk to you outside?" I nodded.

Harry and I got up from the couch. He opened the front door for me, allowing me to go through the door way first. When I reached the porch, Harry came through the door way, closing the door behind him. I sat down on the steps of the porch, Harry next to me. It was about 90 degrees right now and its like 9 pm. The sun was setting, making the sky a beautiful pinkish purple color.

"Look, Jordyn." Harry started, breaking the silence. He turned towards me, as I did the same. "Yes?"

He took a deep breath, then started. "I love you. A lot. The first day I saw you, I couldn't stop staring at you. I haven't had a girlfriend in years because your the only one I want. Your the one I want to call mine. Your the one I want to call in the middle of the night just to talk. Your the one I want to go on dates with. Your the one I want to cuddle up to at night time watching movies. Your the one I love."

I felt a tear escape my eye. "I love you too Harry!" I said. I smashed my lips to his. He kissed back instantly. When we broke the kiss, we looked into each others eyes.

"Jordyn, will you be my one and only girlfriend?" "Yes!" I yelped! "YAY!!!!" We both turned around to see the boys holding a, 'Harry and Jordyn Forever!' banner.

"Were you guys eavesdropping on us?!" I chuckled. "No! Harry told us he was gonna do this!" Liam yelled. "You guys are so cute together!" Louis yelled.

I laughed. "Thank you boys. How about we all go to my place to hang out with Austin?" "Yeah!" The boys yelled. Yup, these are my boys!


***6 Months*****


"Harry!" I screamed running. "I'm gonna get you love!" He yelled laughing. I giggled. I ran into his room and hid in his closet. I looked around the dark room, scared to death.

Just as I was thinking, the closet door swung open, showing a grinning Harry. "Harry..." I started. He then grabbed me and picked me up bridal style and threw me on his bed.

He towered over me, looking into my eyes. "Give me my stuffed cat back!" He yelled. "Never!" I laughed. "Alright, have it your way!" He screamed. He then started tickling me, making me scream. "Harry....Stop....It!!! I.....Can't.....Breathe!" "Give it back then!" He said laughing. I then threw the cat at his face, making me laugh.

Harry then stopped tickling me and plopped down next to me on his bed. "Now, was that so hard?!" "Very." I said, poking his dimple. He chuckled.

Harry and I have been dating for about 6 months now and it was amazing. The boys still live in the same house and I still share an apartment with Austin. The boys have been going on tours, but Austin and I were always invited to come. Its been amazing. Perrie and Zayn got back together and Liam and Danielle are still dating as well. Louis and Eleanor are actually engaged which makes me more happy! And Niall, he's found his true love. Food.

"So love, what do you want to do today?" Harry asked, turning his head towards me. "Anything you like." I said smirking. "Oh really?" He winked. I playfully slapped his arm. "Not like that!" He chuckled.

He then put on his pouty face. "Awww!" He yelled. God I love this boy.

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