Not your typical love story

My name is Jordyn Krammer. My parents died a month ago, and I'm an only child. I have two best friends. Matthew and Jennifer. But they are popular, so they don't hang out with me at school. I'm a target. Not a bully, a victim. And my bully... Is Zayn Malik, and his four best friends. And I'm... In love with Zayn.


13. Seeing You Again



Harry P.O.V.


After the interviewer, we all drove to Jordyn's apartment complex. We got out of the car and made our way to the front desk.

"Omg!!! Your One Direction! I LOVE you guys!" The front lady at the desk said as we approached her. She had long brown, curly hair and deep brown eyes. When she said love, she bent down, trying to show off her chest. She was wearing a very scampi outfit. She had on a white button up top, and the first two buttons were undone. Then she wore a tight, short skirt with ankle boots.

"So Harry, heard you were single." She said, grabbing onto my tie, pulling me closer. She bent over to attract me more, but she failed.

"Uhhh, yeah, I Uhhh I am." I said, taking her hand in mine and placing it on the desk. "Look, what room is Jordyn Krammer in?!" Zayn said, practically yelling.

"You guys like her?! And its to late, she lives with a guy." She said, a smirk on her face. Tears formed in my eyes. I looked at the boys. They all had their heads down.

"Umm thank you." I said, walking away. We all walked out of the apartment building in silence. A tear slipped from my eye as we got in the car and drove across the street.


I slammed my bedroom door and jumped onto my bed, tears falling from my eyes. I lay on my back, looking at the ceiling. How could she be dating someone?! I knew she was probably gonna move on, but I didn't want to think it. I was hoping she would always stay with us.

Knocking me out of my thoughts, there was a quiet knock on my bedroom door. "C-come i-in." I stuttered. The door slightly opened, and Louis walked in.

Louis sat at the edge of my bed and patted the spot next to him. I sat up and joined Louis on the edge of the bed. It stayed quiet for a couple of minutes, but he finally spoke up.

"Did it feel like your heart was ripped out of you when the lady said Jordyn was living with a guy." I nodded. "I felt that way too." I shot him a look, anger filling me.

"What?!" I said, standing up. "LOUIS!!! You have a girlfriend! Someone to say 'I love you' to. Someone to cuddle with. Someone you can spoil and take care of! Eleanor is a damn good girlfriend and your thinking about Jordyn. Love isn't something you can play around with. I know I shouldn't be talking, but I know what love feels like. And its a great thing. But if you are gonna hurt the girl, don't fall in love. Eleanor treats you with respect. Do the same to her."

He sat there, speechless. I rolled my eyes. "Ok, Haz. You should know about love, right? You fall in love each night with a different one night stand!"

"Do I say I love them?!" "Yes! You say, 'Oh my god! She's just so different! I think I love her!'" "I do not say that Lou! I treat girls with respect!" I yelled. He started laughing.

"Really? Respect? The next morning after your sex fest you tell the poor girl to leave!" "That is such a lie! I make her breakfast then she leaves!" I screamed.

"Yeah, what a gentlemen!" I rolled my eyes, then stormed out of the room.


Jordyn P.O.V.


"Hey Jordyn!" Kelly, the girl at the front desk said. "Hi!" I said happily. "Umm, have any boys stopped by here?" I asked hopeful. I didn't know why I asked Kelly that. I honestly don't care if the boys don't come to see me. Ok, maybe I care a little bit.

"Uhhh, no sorry." She said, a sympathetic look on her face. "Alright, thanks." I said, exiting the building.


When I got to Nando's, I straight away went to the kitchen, grabbed my apron, note pad and pen, and got to work. 3 guys with hoods walked in and took a seat in the left hand side corner.

I sighed, walking over to them. "Hi my name is Jordyn. Thank you for choosing Nando's this afternoon. What can I get you 3 to drink?" They all looked up from the menu and stared at me.

"Hello Jordyn. Long time no see." And with that, they all took off their hoods. Sitting right in front of me was Zayn, Louis, and Liam.

"H-hello." I stuttered. "Why you nervous?" Liam asked, a smirk on his face. They were all smiling at me madly, scaring me.

"I'm not nervous. Now, w-what can I get you b-boys." "Stop stuttering. It's a turn off." Zayn said, winking to me. "I wasn't trying to turn you on Malik." I half said, half yelled.

"Good, then your doing a good job." I stared at Zayn in disbelief. What happened to the Zayn that I was dating? That was actually becoming nice?

What happened to the Zayn I loved?

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