Not your typical love story

My name is Jordyn Krammer. My parents died a month ago, and I'm an only child. I have two best friends. Matthew and Jennifer. But they are popular, so they don't hang out with me at school. I'm a target. Not a bully, a victim. And my bully... Is Zayn Malik, and his four best friends. And I'm... In love with Zayn.


1. My Bully



Jordyn's P.O.V.


I walked through the front doors of the school, people staring, making snappy comments at me like always. I just rolled my eyes and kept walking.

When I got to my locker, I opened it, but had it close right away.

"Hey babe." Zayn said, smirking at me. "So, word on the street is your paying men to get in your pants. Slut." He laughed, his four friends laughing with him. It didn't hurt me that much that Zayn called me that, since I'm used to it, but it always hurt when Liam laughed. Him and I were best friends. Then Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Niall moved in by us and they all became friends, leaving me out.

"So, what are you doing tonight?" Niall asked, smiling at Zayn. I looked away from them, and saw Matthew and Jennifer walking by us. They both looked at us and saw what was happening, but kept walking. I was used to them doing this to me, so I just looked away from them and back at Zayn.

Zayn pushed me against the locker and put both of his arms over my head. "Why don't you come over tonight?" Zayn said, looking at me with his big, chocolate, brown eyes.

"I'm good." I said, looking down. "Why, you don't want to have fun?" "Just let me go!" I said, looking back up at him. But just before Zayn could answer, the first bell rang, signaling everyone to go to class. Zayn then kneed me in the stomach, making me fall to the ground.

He then walked off laughing, and all the boys followed him, but Liam.

"You alright?" Liam asked, reaching for my hand. I slapped his gesture away from me, standing up slowly. "I don't need your help." I said, a tear falling from my eye. I couldn't help it. I quickly whipped away the tear, trying to hold back the others that were about to fall.

"Look-" Liam started, but I cut him off. "Just...leave me alone." I then turned around back to my locker, opened it up, grabbed my book for first period, closed my locker, pushed Liam out of my way, and walked off to class.

I hated my first period class. Why? Two reasons. One, it was math, and I hated math. Two, are teacher, Mr. James, had a seating chart is alphabetic order from our last names. And I was sat in between Niall and Zayn.

When I entered the classroom, I quickly took my seat in the back. Zayn and Niall were already there, so when I sat down, they grinned at each other.

"Alright class, take out your homework from yesterday." Mr. James said, walking into the classroom. As I was taking out my folder, Niall passed me a note from under the table. It read:

'If I were you, I would go to Zayn's house tonight like he asked. Zayn always gets what he wants, and when he doesn't, he gets VERY mad.'


I rolled my eyes, crumpled up the paper, then threw it into Niall's lap. Niall looked at me, and I shook my head no, saying I wasn't going to Zayn's. He just rolled his eyes and started to actually focus on Mr. James teaching.

"Jordyn, repeat what I just said." Mr. James said, looking in my direction. I wasn't paying attention, so I didn't know what to say. I heard Zayn chuckle next to me, making me roll my eyes.

"Can anyone help her out?" Mr. James said, rolling his eyes at me. I was failing this class, so he already hated me. I then saw Zayn shoot his hand up into the air.

"Yes, Mr. Malik?" "You have to find the x in the equation before the y, then when you find both, you multiply them, then subtract that, and that's how you find your answer." Zayn said, a satisfying smile planted on his lips. "Very good Mr. Malik." Mr. James said impressed.

Just before Mr. James could continue, the bell rang. Everyone gathered all their things and headed out the door. "Mr. Malik and Miss. Krammer stay please." Mr. James said from his desk. Zayn and I both slowly walked up to his desk, scared of what he might say.

"So, we all know Mr. Malik is Acing this class. And well Jordyn, your failing." I heard Zayn snarl from next to me, but I just ignored him.

"So, I've decided that Mr. Malik, you will be Miss. Krammer's tutor." "What?!" Zayn and I both shouted at the same time. "Your kidding?!" "Miss. Krammer, you are failing! And Zayn is my best student. He is your only hope to pass senior year and to move on with your life."

I groaned loudly, then scurried out of the math room, not wanting to hear more from Mr. James. "Hey, slut!" I heard someone call from  behind me, and I knew exactly who it was.

I turned around to find Zayn running to catch up with me, I smirk plastered on his lips. "Meet me at my house after school." He said, looking at me with his brown eyes that can just hypnotize a girl.

"I don't know where you live." I said shyly. "I will text you." He said, backing up a bit. "You don't have my number." I said slowly, but he just kept backing away.


The school day went by quickly, a little too quickly. I was dreading the end of the day, my tutoring session with Zayn.

I slowly walked out of the school, and headed home. When I got home, I threw my bag on the ground and looked around my house. It felt weird not having my parents here. I'm not used to them being gone. They died a month ago on a cruise ship. The ship some how sank, and everyone died on that ship. So now whenever I watch the Titanic, I burst into tears.

I walked into my room and looked at myself in my long mirror, hanging on my door. I fixed my long, curly blonde hair over my shoulders, showing the blue dip at the end of my tips. I then pushed up my nerd glasses to fit better on my eyes. I then went to my desk and got out my eyeliner. I went back to the mirror, took off my glasses, and put on the eyeliner. Jennifer said she loved eyeliner on me, cause it makes my bluish-green eyes pop out.

I put my glasses back on, went downstairs, and into my bag to grab my phone. I pulled my phone out to find one new message from an unknown number.

'My address is (Address). See you then babe;)

-Zayn xx

I rolled my eyes, then putting my phone back into my bag. I went into the kitchen and grabbed my water bottle from the counter, grabbed my backpack, then headed out the door.

When I was walking down the street to Zayn's house, a group of guys came up to me.

"Look who it is, the slutty whore." One of them said. I didn't know who these boys were, but I guess they knew me. "Excuse me?" "Look, the worthless fag knows how to talk." Another one said. Then, one of the boys grabbed the water from my hands, opened the cap, and poured it all over me. I gasped as the liquid ran down my face, and under my clothes.

They all laughed in my face, then pushed through me. I started to go into quiet sobs as I continued to walk to Zayn's place. When I got there, I knocked slowly on the door, still having the tears fall. When Zayn opened the door, it looked like he was about to say something, but when he saw me, he started cracking up.

"Wow, you really are a worthless idiot." He said, laughing. More tears fell down my face as I looked at the ground. He then firmly grabbed my wrist, pulling me into his flat.

"Go sit down on the couch." He said, pushing me forward to the couch. I slowly walked over there, still looking at the ground. Zayn then came back five minutes late with some of his cloths.

He threw me a pair of his swear pants and an old white t shirt. "Thanks." I quietly said. "No problem. You can change right here." He said, winking to me. I slowly shook my head.

"I said, your changing here." He said, raising his voice. I then looked at him with fright, but obeyed as he said. I slowly took off my shirt, showing off my lace bra. Zayn sat in front of me, a soft moan escaping his lips. I then took off my skirt, showing my matching lace, black underwear.

"Oh god." Zayn whispered. I looked down, being very insecure of my body, and having Zayn stare at it, wasn't helping. "Dance." Zayn ordered. I looked at him with a confused look. He then got up and stepped towards me. He grabbed my wrist, and sat back down on the couch, me straddling him.

"Dance on me." He demanded. I shook my head slightly, then looking away, knowing he was going to yell. He brought up his hand and slapped me across the face. "Dance!" He ordered again.

I slowly started to move on his lap, making him moan. I thrusted my hips into his, and he let out a throaty groan. He snaked his hands tightly around my waist. He pushed my body closer to his. I put my hands on his chest, moving away. He allowed, letting me get off his lap.

"Get dressed." He said, grabbing the clothes he letting me borrow off the floor and throwing them towards me. I pulled the pants over my legs and the shirt over my frail body, then sitting down next to him.

"Ready?" He asked, pulling out his math book. I pulled out mine, not saying a word. "Do you talk, or not anymore?" He asked, grinning at me. I shrugged my shoulders, not wanting to talk. He shook his head, laughing. "Your different, you know that?"




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