Not your typical love story

My name is Jordyn Krammer. My parents died a month ago, and I'm an only child. I have two best friends. Matthew and Jennifer. But they are popular, so they don't hang out with me at school. I'm a target. Not a bully, a victim. And my bully... Is Zayn Malik, and his four best friends. And I'm... In love with Zayn.


4. Leave Her Alone!



Jordyn P.O.V.


****1 Week Later***

I slowly opened my eyes. I squinted a little, the sun creeping through the blinds and going into my eyes. I have been living at the boys house for a week, and in that week, not a lot has happened. The first day was me moving in, the second day we went to school, then after the boys painted my room blue. The third day was school, then we went to get a bed comforter and my dresser. The fourth day, we went to school, then the boys went to a party, but I stayed home. The fifth day, we had school, then the boys all watched movies, but I just stayed in my room. And the sixth day, the boys all did there own thing. And today was the seventh day.

I slowly swung my legs over the bed and looked at the time. 9 a.m. I groaned. I slowly got up and walked to my walk in wardrobe. I decided on a pair of grey Pink pants, a blue tank, and my hair was in a messy bun. I walked into the bathroom and put on some foundation and eyeliner.

I then walked out of the bathroom and out of my room. I looked in each of the boys room.


I walked downstairs and found a note on the counter. It read:


We all decided to go to Nando's for breakfast. On Sundays, they have a breakfast special. Make yourself breakfast.

-The Boys'

I rolled my eyes. I went to the cabinet and grabbed a bowl and some Coco Puffs. I then grabbed a spoon and poured some milk into my bowl.

I sat at the table and slowly ate my cereal. I started to sweat a bit. I got up and looked around the house for the air conditioner. Nothing. What kind of place do they live in?!

So I decided to go up stairs and take my clothes off. I was wearing my bra and underwear. I walked back down stairs and finished my cereal.

When I was done eating, I put my bowl in the sink. I started to walk up stairs to put my clothes back on, when the front door opened and in came all the boys.

They all stared at me, then all of them but Louis, took out their phones and took pictures of me. "This is gonna be my new screen savor!" Harry yelled. "Same!" Zayn hollered. I felt the tears well up in my eyes. I turned around and rushed up the stairs. I ran into my room and slammed the door shut.

I jumped onto my bed and cried into my pillow. About five minutes later, there was a knock on my door. "C-come in." I stuttered. Louis opened the door, and walked in with a sympathetic look on his face.

He sat down next to me on my bed. "You alright?" He asked, rubbing my back. I nodded. Then, there was another knock on the door. "Come in." Louis said.

Zayn opened the door, then walked in. "Louis, leave." "No." Louis said sternly. "Louis, LEAVE." Zayn said, his voice raising. Louis looked at me, and I nodded. He mouthed 'I'm sorry'. He then got up and walked out of the door, leaving Zayn and I alone.

"So, thanks for the little show." He said smirking. He walked over and sat on my bed. He lifted me up and put me on his lap, me straddling him.

He grabbed my hand and put it down his pants, near his crouch. I gasped. He started to rub my hand up and down his hard, making his moan. I didn't say anything. I was too scared of him.

He then started to go faster and faster, making him moan louder. He quickly pushed my hand out of his hands and threw me off of him.

He stood up and yanked his pants and boxers off of him, revealing his private. He grabbed me and threw me on the ground. "You know what I want." He said, grinning. I sat up on my knees and stared up at him. He grabbed my head and shoved his crouch in my mouth, He was holding my head, his hips thrusting.

"WHAT THE HELL ZAYN?!" Zayn stepped away, and Louis was in the door way, anger going through him. "Louis, I was just having some fun. "Leave." Louis said sternly. Zayn chuckled, winked at me, then headed out the door. Louis ran up to me.

"Are you alright love?!" I nodded. Louis then walked over to my closet and grabbed out some clothes. He put them on me, his eyes not leaving mine.

When he finished putting the clothes on me, he lifted me up bridal style and walked me over to the bed. He gently let me down. "Rest." He simply said. I nodded. He kissed the top of my head, then walked out, leaving me there in my room, alone.


Louis P.O.V.


I walked out of her room. I closed her door and sighed. I liked Jordyn. A lot. She was gorgeous and funny. Just Zayn always had to bother her.

I walked down the stairs to see all the boys on the couch, talking. I stand in front of all of them and they went silent.

"Look, you guys need to leave Jordyn alone. She was in her room, crying. You guys don't know what she's going through. And Zayn? I thought you said sorry?" "I tried to. But she didn't except it. So oh well." He said, smirking. I rolled my eyes.

I then sat down next to Harry and sighed. After a couple of minutes, I grabbed the TV remote off the coffee table and put on Full House.

While we were all watching the TV, my phone buzzed in my pocket. I pulled it out and looked at 1 new message from Harry.

From: Hazza<3

You alright BooBear? xx

To: Hazza<3

No. I'm in love with Jordyn.

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