Not your typical love story

My name is Jordyn Krammer. My parents died a month ago, and I'm an only child. I have two best friends. Matthew and Jennifer. But they are popular, so they don't hang out with me at school. I'm a target. Not a bully, a victim. And my bully... Is Zayn Malik, and his four best friends. And I'm... In love with Zayn.


9. A Day With Liam



Liam P.O.V.


"No way!" She shouted. "Its true!" I yelled in defense. Jordyn and I were walking down the side of the lake, just talking. I was telling her of the time Harry got attacked by a goat when he was 10.

"Where you there when he got attacked?!" she laughed. "No, but I saw of video of it! I didn't know Harry when I was 10. I only had one best friend. And it was you." She blushed.

"Liam?" "Yes love?" I asked her. She stayed silent for a minute, like she was thinking of what to say or she was too scared to say it.

"What happened between us?" she started. "Liam, you and I were best friends. We did everything together. And we would always come here together. No one else knew about it. That's what made it so special. Cause it was OUR place. Now, I don't even know who you are. Laughing when Zayn calls me worthless or kicks me. Its like, you enjoy watching me in pain. You see this?" She pointed to a ring on her finger. "You gave this to me Liam when we were 12. Its a promise ring. You promised me you would never hurt me. And I gave you a promise ring and promised the same thing. But I can tell on your fingers that you aren't wearing it and you don't bother to wear it. That hurts Liam. It really does."

After she said that, she ran away. She just kept running. She was running towards the school. I sat down on the edge of the grass, putting my feet in the lake. I felt the tears fall from my eyes as I took off my shirt. I then threw my shoes off and pants, leaving me in my boxers. And with that, I jumped into the lake.


Jordyn P.O.V


I opened my locker, grabbing some of my books. No one was here, as it was a weekend. I started to pack up my stuff. I couldn't come to school anymore. Not that I really did...

Usually the boys would skip, but now, I want to quit. For good. I cant stand being teased. Its bad enough I live with one of my bullies. I don't want to deal with all this.

As I put my books in my hand, I heard someone clear their throat from behind me. I turned around to see Jennifer and Matthew standing there.

"Hi." Matt said quietly. "What." I coldly responded. "What are you doing?" "Leaving school." I said, turning around, continuing to clean out my locker.

"Of course you are." Jen whispered. I turned around slowly on my heals and stared straight at her.

"Excuse me?" I asked. "You heard me, slut." I then threw the books on the ground and ran up to her. I pushed her into the wall on the other side of the hallway. While I was pulling her and she was kicking me, Matt just stood there in shock.

"What is going on?!" We froze. We turned our heads to see Mrs. Williams, the principle.

"Uhhh..." Jen trailed off. I let go of Jen and pushed her into the wall one more time. I then walked up and picked up my stuff off the floor.

As I was going towards the exit, Mrs. Williams spoke up. "And where do you think your going?" "I'm leaving. And I'm not coming back."


I opened the door and smelled roast beef and corn. "Something smells good." I said, throwing everything on the couch. "Thank you." Harry said, sticking his head out.

I walked into the kitchen to find Harry wearing a, 'Kiss the Chef,' Apron. "Nice apron." I said, laughing. "Why thank you." He said, flashing me a cheeky smile.

"I"M HOME!" Niall shouted, while slamming  the door. "AND I"M HOME WITH HIM!" Louis shouted. The two boys entered the kitchen.

"When are we eating?!" Niall asked eagerly. I giggled. "Soon." Harry said, laughing. "So, how was your date with Liam." Niall said looking at me, winking.

"It wasn't a date." I snapped at him. A grin plastered on Louis's face, but I shrugged it off.

"Speaking of Liam, where is he?" Zayn asked, coming down the stairs. "I don't know, but its dinner time." Harry replied. We all sat around the table and began to eat.

"So what did you and Liam do Jordyn?" Louis asked, stuffing potatoes in his mouth. I giggled. "He took me to a place where we would always go." I said, tears forming in my eyes. "We would always play tag there, hide n' seek, share secrets, tell jokes. I even remember one night when Liam's parents were fighting, we went to the hideout and I comforted him. We ended up falling asleep there." I chuckled at the memory.

"Looks like you miss those times." Niall stated, pointing out the obvious. "Well of course! Like, I remember this one time- " I started, but I was cut off by a banging at the door. We all got up and went to the door. I opened it up to see Liam, soaking wet, blood rushing down his face.


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