Justin's Girl *Finished*

Toby, is my name. I am 17. I am a normal girl, that liked to skateboard, go to the beach, shop, ect. But my mom got in contact with her friend from high school, and I got back to talking to her son..//// I was in love. In love with my mom's close friend's son.... Justin.... We hang out, go places, talk on the phone and all the other things. But my dad was to protective. What happens when I make a move? What happens when he does? Does he like me? Does he run? Did my dad, fight him? Did I run? Do I tell my parents? Do I lose everything? ....


36. Who is she?

   "Right over there," I said pointing over to the tall building that was just a couple hundred feet away from us. She drove over to it and parked on the side of the road.

  "Okay now what?," she said turning off her car.

  "I don't know, i'm going to go find Justin's room and see if he's there, you can come or you can just go back home," I said turning to face her.

  "Well, what do you want me to do?"

  "I don't know, but I got to go now. So come on if you want to come," I said getting out of the car and holding the door telling her.

  "I don't want to stay but how would you get home?"

  "I'm fine, and I don't stay at my house anymore."

  "Well, I don't want to keep you. Bye," and with that I shut the door and she drove off. Was she still mad at me for being mad at her? Why didn't she fight to stay with me? Oh well, Toby she probably doesn't care that much but you just gotta find Justin. I walked in the building and it was all fancy inside.

  "Woah," I said to myself looking around. I got intorupted by a lady at the desk asking me,"May I help you ma'am?" I stared at her and smiled,"Yeah uh do you know what room Justin Bieber is in?"

  "Yes, room 683, but he just left," she said nicely. Great he left.

  "Thanks anyway," I said smiling and walking out of the building. What should I do now, wait or go explore. Well, I know where the music store is so maybe I should just go hang out there for the day till later. I walked threw didn't types of people as they walked on the sidewalks.

  --Music Store--

  I opened the doors that pulled open. I walked in looking at the well put, and organized shop. "Welcome!," a guy said to me as I entered. I giggled,"Thanks." For what seemed hours, i've been searching and listening to different music discs in the music players that were scattered around the store. I glidded my finger over all the cds when I spotted a band a heard of but never really listened to and that was One Direction. I stared at the CD which was held in my hands and that's when I heard the store door open and I looked and I seen Justin but I also seen a girl with him who looked like someone i've seen before. The CD droped to the ground and I got on my knees and I hide under one of the rack of CDs trying to hide myself. Who was she, I know I remember her somewhere. But maybe he was just hanging out with her, not dating her. I just got to wait and see. I started to shake alittle when they both steped infront of the CD rack and talked. I need to know who she is.

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