Justin's Girl *Finished*

Toby, is my name. I am 17. I am a normal girl, that liked to skateboard, go to the beach, shop, ect. But my mom got in contact with her friend from high school, and I got back to talking to her son..//// I was in love. In love with my mom's close friend's son.... Justin.... We hang out, go places, talk on the phone and all the other things. But my dad was to protective. What happens when I make a move? What happens when he does? Does he like me? Does he run? Did my dad, fight him? Did I run? Do I tell my parents? Do I lose everything? ....


12. Thank you

  Toby's POV

 We heard a knock on the males door. "If you scream, or come out while that dude comes in, I'll find you and I'll finish on what I was starting," he said letting me up but he shoved me in one of the shalls and helped me stand on the toliet. Why would I listen to him.

 "Your not my boss," I said as he locked the shall door and got on his stomach and rolled out, under the shall.

  "I mean it, you scream, or talk in anyway, i'll break you." I heard him walk to the restroom door and unlock it. I heard it open, this is my chance. But I can't, he'll hit me. I stood still on the toliet as I heard foot steps come in.

  "Hey um have you seen the girl that sat next to you earlier?," Justin's voice asked Josh.

  "Who? Oh her. No, I accutally seen her run in here-," Justin cut him off.

  "That's her phone," I had the feeling he bent down and grabed it.

  "I thought it was, because she came in here and left like that and I found that on the ground." Lies, he is such a sucky liar, but people end up believing him. Like he said he loved me, but he hit me. More than once.

  "Thanks I guess, do you know where she went?," Justin's voice said.

  "No, I just came in after she ran out, I wasn't paying attention." That's when I ended up losing my balence on the toliet seat and ended up falling off it (on to the ground).

  "Ow!," I said loud enough for one of them to hear.

  "Toby?," Justin said knocking on the stall door.

  "Yes," I whispered. I stood up from the ground and unlocked it walking out. Justin's body language relaxed a bit. I seen him pull me into a hug.

  "I thought you ran or something," he said squeezing me, like he cared. I hugged him back, releaved that he was here. If he didn't who knows what Josh would have done. "Why are you in here?," he said slowly letting me go and he sliped my phone in his pocket. Should I tell him? I don't know, if I should.

  "I...I uh..w-wanted to scare you?," I said with a questioning face.

 Justin's POV

  "I...I uh..w-wanted to scare you?," she said having a questioning look on her face. I know she's lieing to me. But I guess i'll go with it, then she can tell me why later,"Okay, well I think we should go, before my mom gets worried," I said turning back to the door where the man, I still didn't know was standing. I seen a smile appear over Toby's face as I put my arm around her kneck and pull her close to me as we left the guy in the bathroom alone.

  "Thank you," Toby said stopping me before we entered the movie room again. She slightly smiled. I let her go when we were going down the hall, to the room.

  "Your welcome. Hey um, Were you really trying to scare me?" She shook her head.

  "He...He shoved me in there but i'd rather not talk about it," she said rather fast.

  "He shoved you in there, why did-," she stopped me.

  "I want to enjoy myself today...I'd rather talk about it later. Please," she said staring at me with her beautiful eyes.

  "But he-"


  "Alright, fine. Later then. Now lets go finish watching the movie," I said smiling and opening the door for her. Her little body dunked under my arm and entered the room.

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