Justin's Girl *Finished*

Toby, is my name. I am 17. I am a normal girl, that liked to skateboard, go to the beach, shop, ect. But my mom got in contact with her friend from high school, and I got back to talking to her son..//// I was in love. In love with my mom's close friend's son.... Justin.... We hang out, go places, talk on the phone and all the other things. But my dad was to protective. What happens when I make a move? What happens when he does? Does he like me? Does he run? Did my dad, fight him? Did I run? Do I tell my parents? Do I lose everything? ....


16. "She's just a friend"

  I woke up the next morning to my phone, which was ringing off the wall. I grabed it and clicked, unlock, and of course I seen Justin's name appear. I looked and seen it said: 13 missed calls. He called once again, and this time I answered.

  "Hello?," I said.

  "Hey, beautiful," his voice mocked in my mind.


  "Why didn't you answer earlier," his sweet voice asked.

  "I was sleeping. What time is it?"

  "It's 1."


  "Yea, and I was hoping that I could come over." He wants to come over? He must have canceled on Stephanie, maybe he wasn't with her. I'm so confused, so I didn't know what to say.

  "Yeah. Okay, sure. But I have to make sure my dad is gone. If he's not gone then you can't." My mom went to work, like she always does. I got up off my bed,"I'll call you back." I hung up the phone not even hearing what he was about to say and I tossed it on my bed. I went to the door, unlocking it and opened it. I peeked my head out and looked to see if my parent's door was open. Closed ment, they're here and Open means that they're not. It was open, fun now I get to invite Justin over. I sighed and opened my door all the way and went back to my phone. I texted him:

  To: Justin ; From: Toby

 Come on over, I'll be waiting xx

  I droped my phone back on my bed and went to my closet, grabing a pair of grey sweatpants, black anckel socks, clean underwear 'n' bra, and a skin tight, neon green tank top. I went to my bathroom and changed. After I was done I put my snarly hair up in a messy bun and I brushed my teeth. I went back down stairs as I heard knocks on the door. I opened the door and seen Justin standing there, in baggy jeans that sagged showing his white black boxers, and a regular black t-shirt. "Hey," I said smiling and letting him in. He walked past me and turned to face me. He held his arms out and I closed the door and went into his arms and hugged him. "Oh come here, I want to show you something," I said grabbing his hand and pulling him up the stairs into my room. He sat on my bed and I went to my bathroom searching threw my cabnet trying to find the photo I found a couple of weeks ago of us two.

  "What is it?," he said sweetly as he waited. I spotted it and I quickly grabed it and went back into my room.

  "I found I photo of us when we were young," I said going over to him and sitting on his lap. He wraped his arms around me and layed his head on me. "We look so young," I said smiling at the photo.

  "Well, we still are," he said smiling.

  "Yeah, I know but I wish I could remember everything that went on back then," I said looking in his brown eyes. He nodded. I set the picture on my side stand and turned my body so my face was to him and my back was to the wall.

  "Your, beautiful," he said kissing my cheek. I giggled and blushed. I moved my face so my lips conected with his. I seen a smile appear under the kiss.

  "Justin," I said pulling away.

  "Mhmm?," he said licking his lips.

  "Who is Stephanie?," I said staring right in his brown orbs.

  "She's just a friend," he said staring back at me. "She's been annoying me the last few days because...-"

  "Because you kissed her?," I said finishing his sentence. He nodded. "Do you...have feelings for her?"

  "No, well I used too...but after kissing her I seen she got all worked up on it and started to bug me about dating her, going places with her, and stuff. I like a girl that's layed back and listens to what a guy has to say." I nodded. "But, i'm taken at the moment," he said with a smiled. I felt my heart sink.

  "Who?," I said terrified as what his answer would be.

  "You," he said smashing his lips on mine.

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