Justin's Girl *Finished*

Toby, is my name. I am 17. I am a normal girl, that liked to skateboard, go to the beach, shop, ect. But my mom got in contact with her friend from high school, and I got back to talking to her son..//// I was in love. In love with my mom's close friend's son.... Justin.... We hang out, go places, talk on the phone and all the other things. But my dad was to protective. What happens when I make a move? What happens when he does? Does he like me? Does he run? Did my dad, fight him? Did I run? Do I tell my parents? Do I lose everything? ....


38. Dream

    When I got to the building, I booked a room that I couldn't even afford and I went up to it. Still crying, I was thinking of what'd happen next. Would Justin look for me? Would he not bother to do anything? All these thoughts took over my brain. You might question yourself, how did she get a room with out paying first. Well I paid by, putting in my dad's credit card number so the bill will get sent to him. But the bad thing is, is that he could come all the way down here and see who's using the card. But anyway after the lady showed me my room which was room, 112, I walked in and explored the little hotel room. It had a normal sized living area, a small like kitchen, and a bedroom that had a bathroom in it. "Anything else ma'am?," the lady said to me as I came back to the door. I smiled, and sniffled whipping my tears away.

  "No thank you," I said to her. She nodded and smiled and walked down the hall. I sighed and shut the door and walked to the bedroom and I laid down on the bed. What am I going to do, I have no money, no clothes, no anything. I turned on the pillow and cried myself to sleep


  "Justin?," I said as I got up from laying on the road. I said this because when I opened my eyes I seen a figure that was Justin's height. The figure stepped closer. When it got close enough I seen it wasn't Justin. It was my father holding Justin's shirt that was covered in blood.

  "See what you made him do, Toby," my father said throwing the shirt infront of my feet. Tears came down from my cheeks and I stared at my father.

  "What did you do!," I screamed. I fell to my knees and held on to his shirt.

  "He hurt himself. I didn't do shit," he said slicking his hair back with his bloody hands.

  "No. No, no no no no no," I yelled looking at the bloody shirt. What did he do. All of a sudden the background changed. I was now in a bathroom, and there was clothes on the ground and the certain for the shower/tub was closed. "Hello?," I said as I still had tears in my eyes. Then the certain opened. It was Justin sitting in the tub crying. Crying? He sat there for what seemed ages, because all the bubbles melted.

  "I'm sorry Toby," he whispered to himself. "I never ment to hurt you," he said grabbing his razor.

  "Justin, stop no!," I yelled and grabbed his arm. But nothing, it's like I wasn't even there.

  "I'm sorry," he said taking the cap thing off and placing it on the floor. I started to scream and yell but nothing. "This is for not being a good boyfriend," he said as he placed the razor on his wrist and cut. Cutting really deep, to the vein.

  "No!," I cried out as I banged on his arms but still nothing.

  "Another for not protecting you," he said cutting again. He had tears slipping down his cheeks, falling in the water that was now red. "This is for cheating," he said cutting 4 deep lines. "I don't deserve to live. I'll miss you Toby. Please forgive me," he said cutting the 4 lines deep. Deep enough that he was now laid back in the water crying. "I....I love you ...Toby," he whispered and then no movement. I cried and shook him. Then there was a knock on the door and it was my father? He grabbed Justin's t-shirt and ran over to him as he was breathless in the tub. He went straight threw me like I wasn't there. He wrapped the t-shirt over Justin's arm that was no gushing blood like a water slide and he was panicking.

- End Of Dream -

  I woke up with my heart pace fast. I sat up and cried. Was it a sign in some sort!  "Justin," I cried out, even tho I knew it was a dream. Why would I dream this! This doesn't help at all. I need to get out and get a drink. Maybe this will blow over in the morning. I cried some more before I got the strength to leave.

 (A/N: Sorry it took me so long to update.. Yesterday I was swimming all day long, and never got the chance to and today it would of been up earlier but my laptop was freezing and crashing! But I finally got it working so more to come! Oh and the sequel wont be intill awhile! xx )

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