Justin's Girl *Finished*

Toby, is my name. I am 17. I am a normal girl, that liked to skateboard, go to the beach, shop, ect. But my mom got in contact with her friend from high school, and I got back to talking to her son..//// I was in love. In love with my mom's close friend's son.... Justin.... We hang out, go places, talk on the phone and all the other things. But my dad was to protective. What happens when I make a move? What happens when he does? Does he like me? Does he run? Did my dad, fight him? Did I run? Do I tell my parents? Do I lose everything? ....


3. Akward.

  I stoped singing right when I heard that knock. But my CD still played and the person that was singing was me so I couldn't stop myself completely singing. I walked to the door and unlocked it and opened it. He was standing there leaning againest my wall with his perfect body. "Hey, uh I was wondering if you could show me, umm around or something," he said staring up at me, straighting his back.

  "Um, sure but right now, I'm listening to music if you um ,would like to come in?" I smiled as he nodded.

  "That would be lovely." He said walking past me and standing in my room. I giggled.

  "You can sit on my bed you know," I said closing my door and walking over to sit on my bed as my track still played. He sat next to me and looked around my room.

  "So, what kind of music do you like?" He said sitting there smiling. He was so close to me that are legs touched.

  "Um, I like all types. But I would say Pop. I'm a really big fan of, 'The King of Pop'. I also like simple people like, Olly Murs, Bruno Mars, Kesha, and all those people. And you." He laughed as I perfered Michael Jackson as, The King of pop.

  "I liked how you said The king of pop instead of Michael." He smiled and looked in my eyes. I smiled. "But, uh yeah I like Michael also, I like a little bit of everything it just matters if they have a good message in their music, you know?"

  "Mhmm, For me I listen to how the beat goes first before I listen to the words. I don't know why but that's how I am," I said giggling as my track, at one point I had to hit a high note in,"The Way" by Ariana Grande.

  "Yeah. Uh, who are you listening to?" He licked his lips before saying that then looking over at my radio.

  "That's um.. That's me. I get bored alot and I just record myself. It makes me feel like I can do anything," I said looking up in his brown eyes. He nodded.

  "You have a really beautfiul voice," he said smiling and trying to reconize the song. "What's this song called?"

  "The Way. By Ariana Grande, I can't really hit the high notes because she has such a beautiful high voice that no one can copy."

  "I know Mac Millers parts some what," he said looking back at me. By this time I leaned my shoulder on his so both of the side of our bodies were touching.

  "Picking pedals off a flower like, do she love me, do she love me not," he sang in his perfect, medium toned voice. I couldn't help but blush as he looked in my eyes and sang. He brought his hand to his chest as he sang, maybe that's his thing?

  "You give me that kind of something, feel all the time, want it everyday," I sang alittle bit as my voice on the radio sang. As the song ended we both were laughing, randomly. "Justin. Do you remember anything from years ago," I said asking him with a weird look.

  'Not that I remember, but if our parents remember then it must be true," he said smiling. It was a akward moment of silence as we both stared at each other and nothing came out.

  "Hey, uh I like your shoes," I said out of the blue as the songs contuined on my radio. He laughed alittle then licked his lips.

  "Thanks. Hey, do want to go take a walk, or something," he said standing up.

  "Yea, Okay," I said smiling up at him. He held out his hand, and I grabed it. He pulled me up. I let go of his hand as I went to my radio and turned it off. "Wait, what if your mom comes back?"

  "I'll give her a call now, I'll be waiting down stairs," he said smiling at me once more then walking out of my room then to down stairs. Great, bonding time! Fun, maybe I can get to know him better! I went to my radio and shut it off. I ran to my closet and grabed my Apple iPhone, and placed it in my pocket. I ran down stairs where Justin was waiting; by the door. "Ready? I already called my mother, she said she wont be back till later anyway because she is visting are grandma and my aunts and uncles."

  "Yea and Okay then," I said giggling. He opened the door for me and I walked threw it then he came out and shut it behind him. "Oh, man sorry. I forgot I wore this shirt," I said trying to cover my stomach.

  "Don't worry about it," he said taking off his black jacket and handing it to me. I smiled.

  "Thanks," I said taking it and putting it on. It was kinda big but I zipped it up.

  "Your welcome," he said while we both started to walk down the street.


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