Justin's Girl *Finished*

Toby, is my name. I am 17. I am a normal girl, that liked to skateboard, go to the beach, shop, ect. But my mom got in contact with her friend from high school, and I got back to talking to her son..//// I was in love. In love with my mom's close friend's son.... Justin.... We hang out, go places, talk on the phone and all the other things. But my dad was to protective. What happens when I make a move? What happens when he does? Does he like me? Does he run? Did my dad, fight him? Did I run? Do I tell my parents? Do I lose everything? ....


18. A new life.

  "Why are you on the telivistion?," I asked Justin as he held me in his arms as I sat on his lap.

  "I'm not sure," he said watching.

  "Well Pattie, we are interrested on listening to him with the super sensation, Usher," The lady across the table told Pattie.

  "That'd be wonderful, I would have to tell him the news when I get home. So when is this going to happen?"

  "How about tommorow morning? Okay crowd yell if you'd like to this young man come on here and sing for the one and only Usher?," the lady replied and laughed as almost everyone got off their seat and screamed. Pattie nodded and the lady said,"Okay its a deal! We'll all see Justin Drew Bieber here, tommorow morning, so stay tuned for tommorows episode."

   "Justin," I said turning my head so I could see him, he had a huge smile on his face.

  "Oh my god, my mom just told them about how I sing...I'm meeting Usher!," he said excited and lifted me off him. I sighed and looked at the ground as I sat on the couch while he jumped around. "Don't feel sad, your coming with me! Don't you ever think i'd leave you here when there's something as big as this!," he said wraping his arms around me then lifting me up spinning me. I laughed as he did. He put me down and we smiled at each other. I placed my hands on his cheeks and stared at him, kissing him. Now if he gets this big carrer, I want him to know i'll support him...

- Next Morning -

  "Nervous?," Pattie said patting Justin's back before we all walked out on this stage set thing, for the show.

  "Not really, I just want to get this over with," he said jumping around, getting prepared.

  "Welcome to, The talk, I'm your host Sandy McSouthers and i'm here with the one and only Usher!" We heard the people screaming and yelling. "Now on yesterday's episode we had a young mom, Pattie telling us about her son's dream, His name is Justin. How about you show another picture of him for the viewers who didn't see," she said pointing to a screen.

  "Well girls, he's here today to sing us a song or two. And it's up to Usher to represent him, so here he is, Justin Bieber," she said waving to him to go.

  "Sorry mis, just Justin and his mother," the sercirty man said stoping me from going on. Really, I think I should be aloud!

  "But i'm his girlfriend," I said explaining to him, but he didn't care.

  Justin's POV

  I started to the stage set when I heard Toby complain to someone, I turned around right at the entrence of the stage to see this dude holding her back. "Hey, she's with me, let her come," I said signaling him to let her go with a frown on my face, not impressed that someone touched her. She smirked at the man and walked past him and she came up to my side and I grabed her hand and we walked on stage, where my mom was already.

  "Aw and here he is!," my mother said smiling as she sat next to Sandy. The crowd of mostly girls started to yell. I felt my heart race when my eyes trolled over to Usher who was next to Sandy. I smiled and pulled my pants up alittle, so they weren't that saggy.

  "Ayo," I said letting go of Toby's hand and shaking hands with Usher.

  "Yo," he said laughing a little. Is this real! I just smiled and sat over where my mom was, then Toby sat next to me.

  "So, your Justin," Sandy said smiling at me. I nodded with a happy face. "Your mom told us much about you, how you like to play drums and guitar."

 "Yea uh, I like to play piano also but guitar or drums more. But I also am a big fan of singing," I said smiling then looking at the camrea's that were all around the stage, filming.

  "Well, I guess when ever Usher is ready, you can start to sing," she said facing Usher.

  "Yeah but first. Do you have any one special that inspires you?," Usher said sitting up in his chair and smiling.

  "Mhmm, big massive fan of Michael Jackson. I loved him since I was very little, maybe about 4 or 5 I started to listen to him," I replied. He nodded like he was impressed, by my answer.

  "Alright then, I guess we are ready to sing....After this break," Sandy said to one of the cameras. After the dude gave her a singnal that they were off air she quickly turned in her chair to face Toby who was just smiling away. "Hey, who's this pretty girl," she said smiling at me then back to Toby. I turned to Toby to see if she wanted me to speak for her but she spoke.

  "I'm...Toby," she said smiling. "I'm Justin's girlfriend." I smiled and intwined our fingers and looked back at Sandy.

  "Justin got lucky girl, I see," she said laughing. The crowd was so silent when it was on break.

  "Yea, I knew her long time and it was finally the right time to ask her to be mine," I said smiling and squeezing Toby's hand gentally.

  "Were on in...3...2...1," the guy said.

  "Welcome back, were here with Usher," she continued. "Pattie, Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Toby. Alright if you missed the beginning no worry, this is now the best part! Justin is now going to sing for Usher, and this means if Usher agree's that means Usher is now going to represent Justin. And that means, there is a new pop star on the way," she said smiling and waving her hand over to me. While she talked I moved to the front of the stage where a mic was located. I stood there intill she said,"and now he is Justin Bieber, singing one of his songs, he had written, Called as long as you love me. Here we are, Justin Bieber," the lights went down then there was a large light on me.

  "As long as you love me.......As long as you love me.... As long as you love me, were under pressure, 7 billion people in the world were trying to fit in," I continued my song, I wrote and sang my heart out hoping I would impress Usher. "As long as youuu....Lov-v-v-v-e me," I said slowing the pace down because it was the end of the song. Everyone claped; am I really that good?

  "Oh, wow!," Usher said smiling and clapping. Toby ran up to me and hugged me telling me I was so good. I felt a smile apon my face as I heard some girls scream,"Say yes to Bieber!" This might be a start to a new life.

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