Jennifer is just a normal girl at Westlake High. She has BFF's rivalries and just plain old crushes! But every thing changes when James Banks moves across the street!


5. Jens P.O.V

Usually Saturday is my favorite day, I wake up run a mile folk to Abbey on the phone for a bit and go to the mall but today was the worst Saturday of all time history! First I didn't get to take my run because it was raining and apparently "I abused my phone time" so I couldn't talk to Abbey!"Jen!" My mom screamed as I slumped downstairs in my "sorta skimpy" PJ's and there in MY kitchen EATING MY FREAKING BREAKFAST SAUSAGES IS MY WORST ENEMY JAMES FUCKING BANKS! Now you must be thinking why do you hate him so much? Well it's kind of embarrassing but I've never had a boyfriend not even a first kiss when I've been here my entire life but James got his first girlfriend at school in a matter of seconds and he's always hitting on me and making me feel like a scared little girl running away, running away from life and her problems and her feelings and- running away from herself. **** Hey guys if you are reading this THANK YOU because your taking time out of your day to read my Movella! I know the chapters are short but I'm working on it please comment your ideas and complaints (hopefully I won't get many complaints ;)) well bye! Stay cool and tell your friends!!!!!!!

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