Jennifer is just a normal girl at Westlake High. She has BFF's rivalries and just plain old crushes! But every thing changes when James Banks moves across the street!


4. Jen's P.O.V

 After I kicked James out of my house I started thinking and fantasizing about Shelby. Shelby is this girl who bullies me and Abby ( and now that I think about it is kind of stupid because she is butt ugly and has a speech problem). It's not that she is physically hurting us its just she knows exactly how to break you down and tear you apart. For example last year Abby sang at the talent show and did absolutely amazing!!! But Shelby and her butthead of a friend Alexa taunted her and told her she was terrible so much Abby never sings anymore ( not even to me!). Also, Alexa found out my biggest secret and told Shelby who told the entire school on the loud speaker! I have a crush on this boy named Calib ( but jokes on her because he was absent that day and when his friends told him he didn't believe them!). Anyway, I absolutely almost DIED today because Calib called me today! ( HE KNOWS MY FREAKING NUMBER!!!) Even though it was just for the Spanish homework I totally felt the chemistry. In Spanish Math and RICA ( reading in the content area) Calib is in my class. And, don't (freak out) but Calib sits right in front of me and sometimes we even pass notes! The only bad thing about Calib is Shelby likes him too. But I'm pretty sure Calig is NOT interested.

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