Jennifer is just a normal girl at Westlake High. She has BFF's rivalries and just plain old crushes! But every thing changes when James Banks moves across the street!


3. Jen's P.O.V

That freak James was following me around today. I told him to leave me alone or I'd flush.My mom (who came over James house to meet his family) completely ADORES him and wants me to date him. This is how the conversation went:

Mom: I met that boy named James yesterday!

Me: cool

Mom: he's handsome

Me: your married

Mom: honey why don't you date him?

Me: I'd rather slam my tung in a car door

Anyway after that conversation which according to my mother is " totally inappropriate and disrespectful" I'm grounded for a week ( mom of the year! ). James came over, he came into my room I became stupid and listened to his demented problems like

1.  All the "hot" girls are taken

2. He got detention for asking the teacher if she can stop teaching for a moment so he can text his friend

3. His mom wants him to study for the SAT's already ( now that I understand considering its September but the rest are really stupid) 


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