The Devil's Kettle

What would you do differently if you had another chance to live? This is the question an ignorant boy named Charlie asked himself soon after he's trapped between worlds, in a place called Limbo. --------

I was inspired by a few books I've read of hell and I decided to make my own version of it. If you read every chapter, you'll see how everything connects in the story.


3. The Waterfall

I don't believe in ghosts, demons, curses, witchcraft - not any of the whole mumbo jumbo of the other side, not until last night. The only reasonable explanation -as my 'monster mom' would say- is that I was hallucinating like an insane brat that I am.

I rolled over in bed and slapped at my alarm. I jumped up to look outside my window and Henry was mowing the lawn. It was impossible to go back to sleep with all the racket. Plus, the memory I had of Steve at the airport rewound in my head over and over and I couldn't shake it out.

I went back to bed and put a pillow on my head, face down, in order to keep the noise out.

               "Charlie, wake up. You need to see something." Henry said almost inaudibly. I must have fallen asleep for a few minutes because Henry's still sweating from all the work.

               "Alright, alright! I'm up. What's up?"

               "It's a surprise. If you want to find out what it is, then get your butt out of that bed!" Henry's attempt to look angry convinced me. I've been a disappointment to my mom, I wouldn't want that to happen with my father.

The yard looked clean and greener. Squirrels played on the grass and crows descended onto the graves.

               "Can't this wait for some other day?" I said with a crestfallen look.

               "Through the forest, and at the far end you'll find a wheat field," said Henry reassuringly, "there's your surprise."

Again, this is another example of how my parents control my life.

The sky was a darkening pink. I followed the leafy pathway through the forest lit by a few shafts of sunlight which led me to a waterfall. I didn't think I would actually find anything. It was the first time I saw a waterfall as big and beautiful as this one. Was this the surprise? But he mentioned something about a wheat field. Either way, as a teenager I am inclined to make my own stupid decisions and decided to enjoy the crystalline water instead.

I took my shirt off, threw it on a nearby rock and jumped in. It felt celestial as every drop of water run through my brown hair and my entire body. I felt free for the first time. All the worries dissipated completely and there was nothing to be afraid of.

               "One, two, three, knock on the door." I heard the voice again coming from behind a tree.

               "Who's there?" I said while putting my shirt back on.

                "Look, I'm kind of old to play that game, so can you please come out and  show your face if you have one!" My voice sounded brave enough but my heartbeat rapidly increased.

                "Calm down! It's me, Finny, remember me?" said a taller guy than me, black hair and blue eyes. I've seen that scar on his face before and then I recalled the time when my best friend and I were playing. We were both small, about six or seven years old. Something unfortunate happen though. He jumped off from a waterfall and when he got out of the water, he had a a noticeable scar across his cheek almost resembling a cross with blood. His parents got furious and forced him to never speak to me again.

                "Of course I remember you, how did you find me? And, what are you doing here?" I said a little puzzled.

                "Your father called me. You've been gone for two days and he's worried that something bad might have happened to you. I decided to help him find you."

As soon as he finished talking I thought he was nuts. First of all, I walked for less than fifteen minutes plus ten minutes that I spent here swimming in the water, which made a total of twenty-five minutes approximately. But, Finny's face looked too serious as if he was actually telling the truth.

               "What? I wasn't lost." I knew he had to be playing a trick on me.

               All of a sudden his expression changed, "Whoa! You found it. The Devil's Kettle!"

                I glared defiantly at him, "the Devil's Kettle?"

               "Ya! This is where all the souls get sucked in to hell." Finny added.

               "You need to stop telling lies. Can you just show me the way back home." I said a bit annoyed.

                "I'm not a liar. Everyone knows about it around here. Probably to scare people away." he looked at me with curiosity. "Now that I've found you, want to do something fun?" he asked.

                "Finny, I haven't heard from you for more than ten years."

                "Hey, look, maybe if we walk up this path, we can get up there and jump off the waterfall!" he insisted which meant that he ignored what I said recently. "Remember, like the old days? After that I'll take you home," he concluded as he grabbed my shoulder.


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