The Devil's Kettle

What would you do differently if you had another chance to live? This is the question an ignorant boy named Charlie asked himself soon after he's trapped between worlds, in a place called Limbo. --------

I was inspired by a few books I've read of hell and I decided to make my own version of it. If you read every chapter, you'll see how everything connects in the story.


5. The Devil's Kettle

This pond called the Devil's Kettle has a disreputable reputation for there have been many unforgettable incidents. It's said that the bones of its victims still lie there a thousand fathoms beneath the water's surface, at least that's what Finny told me.

Finny decided to stay behind and that I should jump first so that when I fall he would make sure that I was safe and sound. I know Finny because  he loves something called ecstasy. Although, somehow this felt wrong, but I couldn't say no. The word wouldn't come out. I felt like a marionette, probably because I felt like I owed him. When we were little our relationship promised a long irrevocable friendship, I guess some things are inevitable.

               "Jump!" he said enthusiastically from down below. My bare feet almost touched the calm waterfall's edge and decided to count in my head. I've always counted in situations like this. In a strange way it felt like the numbers kept me safe. Numbers just made sense. No matter how you arrange them, you can still recognize them as numbers. I counted to eleven before he yelled again.

               "Jump little chicken!" he shouted, trying to convince me into something I could regret later.

Twelve, thirteen, fifteen, I counted in my head. Even though my body was at the top of a waterfall with waters that ran slowly, my mind began to jump back in time.


I was at carnival eating popcorn, holding Steve's hand and I had only twenty bucks left to spend. 

               "Come on in and I'll tell you what the future has in store for you," said an old clairvoyant unexpectedly, whose appearance seemed too creepy.

              "No thanks," I replied whilst I looked at the roller coaster up ahead. 

              "Poor boy. Beware of the Devil's temptations," the clairvoyant whispered which I heard word for word. 


Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, I continued. My worst nightmare is not being found. This place is perhaps only known by teenagers that come here often or people that get lost like me.


I was at school writing a little note for Lorelei. The note said, 'I feel the same way about you,' but the teacher caught me.


Nineteen, twenty, I repeated. From afar the view is indescribably beautiful.My eyes got tangled and lost in a maze of greenery. Birds flying here and there.


I was in my room trying to finish a drawing. My 'monster mom' came in and scolded me for getting suspended.  


I opened my eyes and let the wind buffet me in the face.

               Finny screamed again. "If you don't jump, I'll leave you here by yourself," he alluded to me.

Finally, for a second I forgot about the consequences and stepped forward. Then, I took a deep breath, and jumped off. Time stopped completely like in the movies when you pause to take a break. Each second became the pure resemble of an endless hole, hollow and forever ongoing.

I wanted it to stop. Twenty-one, twenty-two, I stopped counting.


               "Order! Order in the court!" yelled a solemn voice followed by the rustle of wings.

My head spun and I feared I might pass out right then and there on the cold floor. My hands were tied with a gold cord. I tried to look around but the snakes of burning torches lined on the walls were too bright. 

I put my fingers up to my face, felt my lips a bit swollen and bleeding.

               "DOWN!" someone screamed.

               Another earsplitting scream erupted, "He belongs with them!"

I crawled backwards, checking for a dark corner to hide in. The cacophony then began to organize itself gradually into silence.

Above me were pink skies that never ended. Below the cold glass floor, the room plunged into black forests and buildings on fire. It took me a while to notice that the room shimmered with the movement of a million wings not the sun. I couldn't see their faces but I could hear their gloriously fine voices.

               The same solemn voice spoke again, "Judgement shall be passed."

Two lists rolled down before me on the floor. One contained my good deeds and the other the bad. The latter was the longer list.

               "All of your actions in your previous life shall be made known." Added a second angel.

               "Also, your feats have been accounted for," the third angel concluded in a more pleasant tone.

               Suddenly the voice of a girl whispered in my ear, "Charlie, Finny's one of the condemned angels." 








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