The Devil's Kettle

What would you do differently if you had another chance to live? This is the question an ignorant boy named Charlie asked himself soon after he's trapped between worlds, in a place called Limbo. --------

I was inspired by a few books I've read of hell and I decided to make my own version of it. If you read every chapter, you'll see how everything connects in the story.


4. 10 Months Ago

After the divorce, the court decided that I should stay with my mother and during the summer I would visit Henry. Luckily this summer I'll turn eighteen and they won't be able to stop me from going somewhere else.

               "Charlie! Breakfast is ready!" my mom yelled from downstairs.

I woke disoriented and Cricket my white shepherd dog was licking my hand. I really wasn't a morning person.

               "Steve! Get him out of my room!" I shouted but Steve -my annoying little brother- was probably riding the school bus already.

Another boring day at school, I said to myself. It was times like these that I decided to listen to my favorite song, Yamaha by Delta Spirit. I turned up the volume and headed to the shower. 

I shook my head and water flew off my sopping hair. The condensation distorted my reflection on the mirror, but I could still make out my brown eyes and hair. I didn't have a very muscular body like Jason the most popular guy in school, just an average body.


This time my mom just yelled my name and refrained from telling me that I was going to be late. After three minutes, I was clothed and ready to go.

My mother was waiting to drive me to school. Her car was similar to those soccer moms in the neighborhood except she doesn't hang out with them. The only friend my mother has is a major gossiper and for that reason I nicknamed her Big Mouth.

Finding the school isn't that difficult because it was built just off the highway.

               "Can we go around the school?" I asked my mom with embarrassment. Almost the entire football team was outside showing off their expensive cars and I didn't want them to see me. Jason's car was the nicest I've seen, a shiny Volvo, which stood out.

               "Loser!" I heard someone scream. Fortunately, it wasn't meant for me. There was a new girl driving a worse car. It had a dent on the front and the red paint had weathered. I was safe for now.

The hallways are completely another story. It's crowded with students from every part of the world, China, Peru, Turkey, etc. with students that have totally different styles and intellect, and those who don't care about school; making the school the best one in the city.

It's a relief not to see Jason and the other jocks waiting for me at my locker, mostly to throw a Slushie at me. Someone told me he was going to ask a girl out today. Apparently, that person was wrong.

               "Hey L-O-S-E-R!" said Jason in front of the other jocks and, suddenly, Splash!  Four different flavors of slushies were thrown at me. 

               "For every color in the rainbow!" replied one of his friends. 

I don't know what happened or where the sudden urge to push Jason came from. I just did without hesitation, and he dropped onto the floor. It's possible that Jason had planned for this to happen - I really didn't care- but what's odd is that the principal was near when it occurred. Then, he grabbed my arm and took me to his office, regardless of my explanation.

              "Charlie, Charlie. How many times have I called your parents? I'm tired of calling them every week. Do you have anything to say?" the principal spoke while scratching his bald head.

              "Can I go to the restroom?" I said a bit nonchalant.

              His expression changed from unconcerned to pure rage as he tossed his pencil across the desk, "You think this is funny? Gertrude! Please call his parents." All of my friends are scared of Gertrude, the assistant. She has a mole on her nose and gray disheveled hair.

               "Done. Sir? Also, In room A-101, a student fainted during the lab after seeing blood. The teacher's requesting for your help," Gertrude retorted boisterously.

               The principal got up from his mighty chair and pointed his right index finger at me, "Stay right here. Gertrude, keep an eye on him."

It only took me one minute to get out of principal's office. Gertrude was busy on the phone and I managed to escape during the interval.

               The new girl and I bumped into each other as soon as I stepped out. "Hey, watch where you're going!" she said bashfully and noticed my dirty shirt, "what happened to your shirt?"

               "I was feeling artistic today." I said trying to avoid the conversation.

              "Can I?" she asked and drew a black marker out of her backpack to write on my shirt.

              "Go ahead." I said unconcerned, besides the stains looked grotesque.

               I changed my mind instantly about her. She wasn't like the other girls. "Okay. You can look now," she said while adjusting her nerdy glasses and picking up her backpack.

She had drawn a skull with a simple black Sharpie in the middle and the stains seemed more like flames.

              "Thanks. You're a natural." I complimented her. "What's your name?" I asked.

              "Lorelei." she smiled.

Unfortunately, the bell rang which meant that I would have to go to my art class. I didn't have time to introduce myself because the hallways were already getting crowded.

              "See you around." I whispered as we both walked opposite directions.











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