Just Keep Loving Me

Natalie Joy gets to share her voice with none other than the amazing Beliebers. Did you say 'Beliebers'? Why yes I did, because she gets to be on tour with the handsome Justin Bieber. But don't worry, they don't have to worry about catching feelings because they are both happily in love with very faithful parnters... or are they? Wanna find out? Stay tuned in the 'Just Keep Loving Me' series.


4. Woah There Tiger

Natalie's POV:
I slide the unlock button, on my phone, to the right. Quickly making my way to the phone app, I hurriedly dial her ten-digit number. After having it ring about three times, I hear a soft, yet firm, voice come from the other end of the phone. "Natalie?"
"Hi mom! Just finished the concert, it went great, as usual. How are you? Did dad send any letters?" I heavily take a deep breath, trying to refill my need for oxygen. "Woah there tiger. I'm glad to hear you did great, sorry I couldn't be there. But I'm doing good, and yes your father did send a letter. He says his base camp had a small explosion but that everyone was fine." At the sound of the word "explosion" my eyes automatically widen in shock. "Thank god everyone is okay. Just be sure to tell him that I love and miss him. Can't wait till he comes home! Oh, and I love and miss you too."
Shifting the weight from my left leg, to the right one she happily replies, "Alright baby girl, love and miss you too. Call me again soon. Goodnight."
"I will momma, goodnight." And with that I slowly press the end button, making the screen go black.




so sorry this chapter is short, I hope the next one will make up for it.

thanks for reading xoxox

much love, briana hernandez

p.s. comment what you think so far

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