Just Keep Loving Me

Natalie Joy gets to share her voice with none other than the amazing Beliebers. Did you say 'Beliebers'? Why yes I did, because she gets to be on tour with the handsome Justin Bieber. But don't worry, they don't have to worry about catching feelings because they are both happily in love with very faithful parnters... or are they? Wanna find out? Stay tuned in the 'Just Keep Loving Me' series.


1. The Basics

Natalie's Point Of View:

"Nat, you're on in 5!" I nod my head in reply, "Alrighty Scooter, I'm almost ready." I gently fold the collar to my jean jacket, making sure that the studs stick out. Pushing out the tiny wrinkles in my blouse, I slowly intake three calm and steady breaths. Okay Nat, don't be nervous, you've done this many times before. You're just on tour with the one and only Justin Bieber, nothing out of the ordinary. "Shit..", I secretly mutter under my breath. I close my eyes for about 10 seconds and step on the platform underneath the stage that'll eventually lead me out to about 80,000 screaming fans. Once I'm in place I can faintly hear Tay Jay scream, "Are you guys ready?" *screams* "Here comes the one and only. Natalieeeeeee Joooooooooy!" As my platform slowly starts to rise, I quickly grab my silver microphone with the initials "NJ" carved in the middle of it. This is it. You can do this. No going back. I lift the microphone up to my mouth and shout, "How you guys doing tonight?" *screams* "Aww, I can't hear you! I said, HOW ARE YOU GUYS DOING TONIGHT?!" *SCREAMS* I slightly giggle, "Now that's what I like to hear." I bend over to touch the hands of the people in the front row. Their reactions are priceless. "Well since this IS a concert, I guess I better get to the singing huh?" I walk over to the microphone stand, grab my acoustic guitar with similar engravings on it, and place the mic on the stand. I strum a few notes before saying, "I'm gonna start things off a bit slow, hope you like it!" I play the similar notes to my hit single 'He's Just A Boy'. "He's just a boy, in a messed up world, looking for a way out..." But little did anyone know, that this song was actually written for Justin. It's about a boy (him), who is constantly under pressure, always trying to be perfect for society, he can't even take a breath without people judging him. He just wants a way out, that's all. Now I know what you're thinking, typical, this girl has a crush on him. Let me just correct you right there, I don't. He has a girlfriend, and I have a boyfriend. Tom. No not 'Tom Sawyer', Tom Woodman. Cute dimples, dirty blonde hair, green eyes, nice muscle tone (not too buff, not too scrawny), the typical cutie pie of of our century. I'm perfectly happy with him too. Heck, since this show is in our hometown, New York City, New York, he's in the audience watching me right now, about to greet me backstage after my performance! Once the song ends, I play the rest of my album and wave off to everyone saying, "thanks for coming out tonight, now on to the good stuff." And walk right off the stage, leaving Justin to make his usual big entrance.


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