Just Keep Loving Me

Natalie Joy gets to share her voice with none other than the amazing Beliebers. Did you say 'Beliebers'? Why yes I did, because she gets to be on tour with the handsome Justin Bieber. But don't worry, they don't have to worry about catching feelings because they are both happily in love with very faithful parnters... or are they? Wanna find out? Stay tuned in the 'Just Keep Loving Me' series.


7. That Was A Bit Odd

Natalie's POV:

"Okay? That was a bit odd.." I reluctantly say with my focus out of range. "Yeah, I guess I better check up with her.." replys a confused Justin. I reply slyly, "Sounds like a smart thing to do." He releases a small sigh before nodding and heading in the same direction Selena went. Looking down, I try and think of places Tom could possibly be. Ugh this is so like him. He would just go running off to places of the unknown. Okay, so maybe I'm blowing this whole thing out of proportion, still,  it would be nice if I knew where the heck he went! I let out a frustrated sigh while softly rubbing my temples. Slowly putting my hands back down to my side, I notice a small light coming from the creak of a small door in the very back of the room. As I slowly make my way into the dark halls, I hear some light footsteps coming from inside of the room. Reaching down to grasp the cold, metal knob, I quietly push it open only to come face to face with the boy I've been looking for. Tom.

"Where the hell have you been?! I thought I lost you." I manage to muffle into his chest. Before he could answer I open my mouth and say, "and why do you constantly smell like cotton candy?" Judging by the look he gave me, I could tell something was up.
"Uhh, I don't know what you're talking about babe."
"Yeah I'm sure you don't Tom."
"Don't do this now Nat.." he pleads with sorrowful eyes. Inhaling a much needed breath while pinching the bridge of my nose I calmly reply, "Alright, I gotta go anyways, tour bus leaves in 5 and if I wanna continue to live my dream I better start getting my butt to that bus."
Giving me a relieved smile he whispers "okay" against the lobe of my ear before placing a kiss on it, eventually trailing down to my lips.
"I love you Nat, don't you forget that okay?" he quietly says, causing me to go weak in the knees.
"I love you too Tom."

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