Just Keep Loving Me

Natalie Joy gets to share her voice with none other than the amazing Beliebers. Did you say 'Beliebers'? Why yes I did, because she gets to be on tour with the handsome Justin Bieber. But don't worry, they don't have to worry about catching feelings because they are both happily in love with very faithful parnters... or are they? Wanna find out? Stay tuned in the 'Just Keep Loving Me' series.


2. He's Just So Darn Talented

Natalie's Point Of View

"Good job Nat!" "Way to go Natalie!" "Dude, you totally crushed it!" This was always my favorite part. Having people acknowledge the fact that I just worked my rump off on that stage. I give them all a big smile and say "Thanks you guys! Couldn't have done it without your support!" I happily walk into my dressing room and change into a more mellow choice of clothing. Black shorts, white high tops, and a purple JB shirt (what? I gotta show my support somehow). I prance out, in search of Tom. After about five minutes of searching, I find him talking to Pattie, looking as cute as ever in his khakis, red Van's t-shirt, and all time favorite supras, a little something I may or may not have given him for his birthday. I walk over and give Pattie a huge hug. She hugs back and after a couple of seconds, pulls away with the warmest smile ever saying, "You did an amazing job, as always, sweetie!" I chuckle and reply, "Thanks Pattie, that means a lot!" She laughs and says, "Well I'll just leave you two love birds alone, see you in a few" and walks back into the arena to see her son finish up. I turn to Tom and smile, allowing him to wrap his arms around my waist giving me the biggest hug he's ever given me. I wrap my arms around his neck, taking in his scent of expensive cologne, mixed with, cotton candy? That's weird, I don't own that kind of perfume. Oh well. As we pull away, he takes his right hand and caresses the left side of my jawline saying, "You did amazing babe, I'm so proud of you!" He leans in and kisses me for a couple of seconds, making us both smile in content. "Well thank you kind sir. Now come on," I take his hand, "let's go watch Justin perform!" As I'm trying to walk into the arena, I feel a slight resistance coming from him. I give him a confused look waiting for his explanation. "Do we have too?" Shocked I respond, "Well I mean, it'd be nice? He IS the reason I'm here you know." He cocks an eyebrow and replies, "No, your voice is the reason you're here. And besides, he never watches you when YOU perform." At the sound of this I slowly let go of his hand saying, "Are you kidding? He's always watching from the side of the stage! And my voice helped me get here, without Justin, I wouldn't have had this amazing opportunity that I do now. Glad to see that you've taken an intrest." He steps back, acting as if he were flabbergasted. He looks down saying, "It hurts that you think I haven't noticed these things." I roll my eyes and say, "Oh cut the bull crap Tom, quit trying to act like I'm the bad guy here. I'm going to watch Justin, you can come or you can stay here. Do whatever you want, 'cause, frankly, I don't really care at the moment." And with that I put on a fake smile and join the others who are watching the show. With about fifteen minutes of the concert left, I feel someone come up to me and give me a slight peck on the cheek. I look to my right to find a "sympathetic" Tom, holding out his hand, obviously wanting me to put mine in it. I shake my head and grab his hand, putting my head on his shoulder smelling, what's that, cotton candy? Again? Nah, it could be all of the girls' fragrances mixing together in the audience, I'm losing it. With my head still on Tom's shoulder, I look up at Justin who sneaks a look at me as well, causing us both to smile. Weirdly enough, his smile goes away when he notices what, or should I say who, my head was on. He quickly looks away and walks to the other side of the stage still singing his little song. That was strange. I pick up my head and look at Tom who seems to be looking for someone. I shrug it off and decide to give Justin my full attention, seeing that he deserves it and, now, only has a about ten minutes left of the show. Goodness gracious, he's just so darn CUTE- err, I mean talented! He's just so darn talented. Yes...

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