Just Keep Loving Me

Natalie Joy gets to share her voice with none other than the amazing Beliebers. Did you say 'Beliebers'? Why yes I did, because she gets to be on tour with the handsome Justin Bieber. But don't worry, they don't have to worry about catching feelings because they are both happily in love with very faithful parnters... or are they? Wanna find out? Stay tuned in the 'Just Keep Loving Me' series.


6. He's Fine

Justin's POV:

Where could they be? I mean, you take your eyes off of them for five minutes and they disappear into the oblivious. Am I the only one who thinks it's a bit odd that they're both missing at the same time? Coincidence I guess.. Maybe the-
A high pitched, over anticipated voice coming from what sounds like the left of me, interrupts my thoughts. I turn in the direction where the voice came from and to my surprise, there stood the most gorgeous piece of Latino ethnicity I've ever laid my eyes on. The way her tight, red dress hugged onto her curves and how her solid black pumps complimented her long, tan legs, made me about jump out of my pants. Damn this women knew how to turn heads.
"Selena, babe, I've been looking all over for you girl!"
Releasing a giggle she replied, "Oh I'm sorry baby, my mom called and wouldn't let me get off the phone, you know how they can be.." "Yeah, I do." I reply pulling her in for a tight hug. Cotton candy. I love smelling that on her, it's what I look forward to every time I hug her. Slowly pulling away she says, "You did amazing out there, I especially loved that last song, As Long As You Love Me right?" I look at her with a frazzled look, "Umm, no actually, not even close. It was-"
 "Baby, he always performs it at the end, remember?" A soft voice erupts, cutting me off and finishing my sentence for me. I look up to find no other than Natalie Joy smiling a proud smile, like she'd just won a Grammy or something. I smile nodding my head and turning my direction towards Selena only to find her rolling her eyes and fixating her direction towards her nails, not giving a care in the world. Nice to know someone appreciates me.
"So did you ever find Tom? I still can't find him and he won't return any of my calls, I hope he's okay."
"HE'S FINE!", blurts out Selena causing me and Nat both to give her confused stares. "Uhh, I'm guessing. I mean, where could he have gone? It's a tiny place.", releasing a nervous chuckle she quickly and quietly walks away, leaving Nat and I wondering what in the world just happened.

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