Love And Hate.

A normal girl was just in class, but that all changed once the curly head boy and his friends showed to finished school there. Her name is Roseline, she has dirty blonde hair that is blue eyes. She is a punk kind of girl who is bullied.


1. Chapter 1.

                     *Roseline's P.O.V*


      I woke up at 6 am. "Ughhhhh." I whined. I dressed into a Gir shirt and black jeans then I brushed my teeth and brushed my blonde hair. I grabbed my bookbag and headed out the door, with an apple. I walked on the school and got pushed. "Listen slut I don't have time with your crap so you are off the hook. "Gee, thanks.." I mumbled. I walked to my locker and got my math books. I saw my friend Collin. "Colly Boo!" I said, getting his attention and he smiled and ran over then hugged the jahebs outta me. "Hey Rose!" I laughed at little. "Ugh math." "Sience." He said. "See you at lunch?" "Yeah babe." I hugged him and left to go to math. "Your l-" "late jones. Yeah I know." I said and sat in the back. "Don't sass me today we have give new students!" He yelled at me. "Hmm they dorks too?" I said looking at him. "No dumb ass it's one direction." Cassidy, the popular girl said. "EW that gay band?" "They aren't gay!" "Keep telling yourself that." I mumbled. Then I saw five heads come in. "I'm sorry boys but you will have to sit with jones." He said while I rolled my eyes. "Please no." I said.  "Hello love." They all said.

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