Young love

A girl called Hayley has a normal life just that she gets bullied a lot but one day her live changed when she meets her true love from a famous boy band member will he think the same thing or will it be just her that thinks that.

authors note:
this the first story ive ever done so dont be mean pls and its not done yet


6. jealousy and happiness

lukes p.o.v

we was playing spin the bottle and waiting for harry and hayley to come back from where ever they were because they went missing I hope hayley is alright if he goes and hurts her I swear I will punch him in the face anyway louis' girlfriend came round for the night I think her name is emily or something like that.

"harry, hayley where you both been I was worried sick" louis said running to them and hugging them

"we got something to tell you lot" Harry said with a huge smile on his face

"we both are going out" hayley said

why did she go out with him he wont treat her right I will be with her even if it's the last thing I do.

louis, emily, abby, niall, zayn, liam, nicky and ashleigh p.o.v ( what they are thinking)

Im so happy for them they well suit each other.

Hayley's p.o.v

we all was watching a movie or 2 and emily had to go home for family stuff and we was watching underworld, toy story 1 2 and 3 and grease but luke keep staring at me and it was pretty late.

" why not we go bed or something" liam said

" sounds like a plan" we all said in unison

"okie then where we all sleeping?"

We all had a long conversation about it and we all have chosen that abby will share with liam, nicky will share with niall, luke will share with louis and jamie, I am will share with harry and zayn will be shareing with ashleigh.

"Hayley can I talk to you for a secound?" Luke said

"sure, harry i'll be right back"

"alright then I will miss you though" harry said then kissed me on the forehead and he went in his room to change and me and Luke went in the kitchen.

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