Young love

A girl called Hayley has a normal life just that she gets bullied a lot but one day her live changed when she meets her true love from a famous boy band member will he think the same thing or will it be just her that thinks that.

authors note:
this the first story ive ever done so dont be mean pls and its not done yet


4. is it a truth or dare?

Louis p.o.v

It started to rain so we all rushed to the hotel and got inside.

"God the rain is pouring like hell" I said

" I know but at least we are gonna show the rain that we can have fun wihtout it" Ashleigh says while laughing

we got everything ready for the sleepover and then we heard a thump

"ow" nicky said

"nicky you alright?" Niall says with a worried face

"nicky what you like" Hayley, luke, Jamie, ashleigh and abby says

"what do you mean" Zayn says

"she is always falling downstaires and all she gets is scars and bruses" abby says in a genius way

"yeah im alright Niall thanks for asking" Nicky says we all went into the living room and we was all playing truth or dare then we spinned the bottle and it landed on nicky.

"Nicky truth or dare?" Niall said with a smile on his face


"I dare you to kiss your crush" niall says

"okie I'll tell you something though I allways wanted to kiss him" nicky says then she closes her eyes and kissed niall.

"nicky will you go out with me?" Niall says

"of course I will" Nicky said in joy

Hayley's p.o.v

"of course I will" Nicky said in joy

" you lot I will be right back" I said

I went outside to take some fresh air knowing that harry will never fall for me so I climbed the highest tree and stayed there for a couple of minutes just knowing im alone then I hear my name being called

"Hayley" a husky voice says "Hayley where are you " I look down and it's harry

"I'm up in a tree" I said then in a secound i see his deep green eyes

"way did you come out hereon your own?"

"because I couldn't look at a boy who I've liked for so long"

"okie then truth or dare please answer my it"

"okie truth"

"Who is your crush?"

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