Young love

A girl called Hayley has a normal life just that she gets bullied a lot but one day her live changed when she meets her true love from a famous boy band member will he think the same thing or will it be just her that thinks that.

authors note:
this the first story ive ever done so dont be mean pls and its not done yet


5. I love you

harry p.o.v

"who is your crush?" I said hoping that its me

"you really want to know?"

"yes" I said

"okie but please don't laugh if I tell you"

" I wont I promise"

"okie" Hayley said then I felt a kiss on my cheeks " I have a crush on you"

"and guess what"


"I love you and will you be my girlfriend?"

"I love you too and yes I will be your girlfriend"

then we both kissed eachother on the lips and walked inside and entwined it felt so right I never ever want to hurt her or leave her I love the way she smiles and laughs and I know she loves me by who I am not because im famous.

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