Young love

A girl called Hayley has a normal life just that she gets bullied a lot but one day her live changed when she meets her true love from a famous boy band member will he think the same thing or will it be just her that thinks that.

authors note:
this the first story ive ever done so dont be mean pls and its not done yet


11. I love you too much

louis' p.o.v

harry was in his room and I think he is upset and we all are pacing up and down because we are so stress and all of us put a tweet to leave hayley alone and so did nicky and luke and then we heard the door open

hayleys p.o.v

we walk though the door then all of a sudden the boys jumped on me and so did nicky and niall but I could not see harry.

"boys where is harry?" I said

"he is in his room" zayn said

"thanks ill be right back lads" I said

" alright" all of them shouted

I was walking to harrys room went inside and saw him on his bed sitting up so I went to sit next to him and when he looked up he kissed me and i was kissing back and fireworks went in my stomach and after that we both hugged each other tightly.

" I thought you was gonna go forever"

" harry I will never leave your side I love you too much to go " tears started flowing down my eyes

" hayley dont cry I will make sure you never cry again for then you can be happy you are my beautiful most gorgeous person I have ever seen"

" harry your the most handsome boys I have ever met and I will never leave your even if I get tortured I will never leave"

And from that he had a huge smile on his face and we both stand up and left the room without a sound.

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