Stay By Me~ Niall Horan FF

Taylor Smith is just a regular girl. As soon as she had to move into her Aunt's house with her younger brother and sister, she already has friends and fits in at her school. In one class she hasn't noticed one boy who never talked much until she got new seats and sat next to him. His name is Niall Horan. Friends or more? Whatever kind of relationship they will have, won't it got ruined when Niall has tried out for the X-Factor and doesn't have anymore time for Taylor anymore?


2. Life Sucks

Taylor's P.O.V.
Sadly my life sucks. Sorry I had to start like this but well, it does. Heres why. After having a heat stroke and having some of her brain damaged, my mom walked into a pool and drowned, and obviously she forgot how to swim.  My dad after my moms death barely ate or talked to anyone. I basically had to take care of my 11 year old brother Sam alone. And we both had to take care of our almost 2 year old sister Abby. My dad was still alive and there just not emotionally. Then one day he killed himself. Well we think. When we can home one day for school we walked in to Abby crying. We shouted for dad even though we knew he wouldn't answer. And then we found him lying on the couch dead. Sorry again. But don't worry it definitely  wont always be like this. We had to move to Ireland where my Aunt Janet lived. She was our guardian now. Her children, me and my siblings' cousins, had already grown up and gone to college. She only had two so there was only two rooms upstairs besides hers. She had a smaller house then we did. But we didn't really mind. Abby and I had to share a room. We didn't have school for a week after we officially moved in. After that week, we started school. Me high school and Sam the middle school. And of course Abby didn't have school yet. Aunt Janet couldn't get enough of her so that was good for both of them. First day of school I didn't really talk to anyone. Besides teachers when I had to. About a month after though, I already had a bunch of friends and we never split up. In English I still didn't talk much other then to my friends. But when we got new seats; I did a little more talking with someone new.

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