Stay By Me~ Niall Horan FF

Taylor Smith is just a regular girl. As soon as she had to move into her Aunt's house with her younger brother and sister, she already has friends and fits in at her school. In one class she hasn't noticed one boy who never talked much until she got new seats and sat next to him. His name is Niall Horan. Friends or more? Whatever kind of relationship they will have, won't it got ruined when Niall has tried out for the X-Factor and doesn't have anymore time for Taylor anymore?


5. Just Bring Him Here

Taylor's POV~ 
All the other classes all I was thinking about is obviously Niall. The whole ride home on the bus I sat alone. Well as usual because I didn't have any friends on the bus but it was fine. Usually I just did my homework so when Sam got home I got to help him with his. But this time I was just too happy. We are going to have to see each other again. And where no teachers can yell at us for retarted  things!! It might be awkward if he comes over Aunt Janet's, well now my house, because Aunt Janet will probably pound him with questions since I have no father to do it for me. But still I cant wait until I have "alone" time with him. Haha. Whatever. Awkward. Who cares. I love it. 

Niall POV-
What I just realized is that we have no way to you know, get to each others house because I don't know where she lives and she doesn't no where I live. It's Wednesday and the packet is due on Friday. So we have to meet tomorrow. And to do that I need to get her cell number and call we to make every thing cool. So it might be awkward asking her but whatever.

Taylor's POV-
I walked in to school with Ashley the next day and someone called my name. I turned around and saw it was Niall. "Him? Again? Whats his name? Like Neal or something?" She said stopping and putting her hand on her hip. "Its Niall." I corrected. "Whatever. Later." She ran and caught up with one of her other things. I jogged over to Niall hoping I didn't look demented. "Hey whats up?" He said as we met. "Nothing just got here." We laughed. "Anyways you know how Mrs. Flanko said that we have to work with each other  out of school for the packet?" I nodded as he continued. "So how are we going to do that?" "Oh crap! I knew that we had to work out of school but i forgot that we had to actually meet out of school! Haha I'm such a retard." I blushed. He smiled. "No your not. You just blanked. I so that all the time." I blushed even redder. I don't know why but when I'm with him I feel I don't need to be all shy and what I used to be. But with him, even though we are new friends, I feel I can be open on almost everything with him. "So do we need each others cell just to like, make sure its ok?" I said. "Oh yeah." He flipped his backpack over the top part of his right arm and laid it on the ground. He ripped it open and took out a piece of paper and two pencils He tore the page in half. He handed me one of each and told me to write down my number. As we exchanged numbers I got really excited. "Ok see you later today hopefully." I waved and ran in school. 

Niall's POV~
I watched her the whole time she ran in until I couldn't see her anymore. I looked around and noticed that almost no body was still outside and that there was no more buses in the lanes. I hurried inside and went to class. 

Taylor's POV~
***After school*** When I walked in I saw Aunt Janet and Abby in the family room. "Hey Aunt Janet." I said. "Hello Taylor." The said. "There was something I was meaning to ask you." I said walking in the family room and sitting down in one of the chairs. She turned off the television that she was watching. "Sure what is it?" "Well um... In one of my classes I got partnered up with a guy named Niall. He's really nice. Anyways we need to finish a packet for school and Mrs. Flanko, who's our teacher, told us that we need to work on it at home. So we have to meet out of school. So can we meet?" She thought about it for a moment. "Well if its for school then I guess so. Yes." I thanked her trying to sound cool about it and not all crazy like I was feeling on the inside. I ran as fast as I could to my room and yanked my phone from my backpack. His number! Where did I put it? I looked EVERYWHERE for it. I just couldn't find it. "NOOO!!!" I quietly screamed at myself. I sat down on my bed and waited for something to happen. Then something did. My sweatshirt laid on the floor of my room. Out of it popped the smallest bit of white material in one of the pockets. I dove for it. Well I didn't dive for it but I ran to it. I found it!! Yes! I dialed it and it started ringing for about 15-20 seconds.

"Hello?" A voice said. "Hi Niall. Its Taylor." "Oh hey! I thought you wouldn't call. I thought you lost the paper or something but I guess not." I laughed. "What?" He asked. "Well I kind of did. But I found it as you can tell." He laughed on the other line. "Thank god you found it." He said. "I already did." "I lost your number too." Again we laughed over and over again. "So have you asked your parents yet?" I asked after we stopped." "Yeah. They said you could come here if you want." "Okay hold on let me go tell my Aunt. Can I call you back?" He said yes and I hung up. I bursted down the stairs and almost ran into Sam. "AHH!! God Sam! You scared me." He giggled. "I saw that." I ignored him. "Wheres Aunt Janet?" "She's in the kitchen." He said laying his backpack on side table at the end of the stairs. "Can you help me with me homework?" He said taking out a math book. "Not today Sam. Sorry." I walked away to the kitchen.

"I got a hold of Niall. He said I can go over his house." I said as I finally found her. She was startled then she frowned. "I don't want you going over his house. I don't know him. Just bring him here." She said. I agreed and ran back to my room. I called him back and told him what just happened. "Oh. Thats ok." He said. "You can still come here if you want." He said he could and that he would be there in about 20 minutes. I set up everything we needed in the kitchen. The kitchen because we might get hungry while were studying. When he arrived I ran to the front door as his parents car left the driveway. (Just to let you know were 15, so we cant drive yet. "Hellooo." He said and I answered the door. "Hey," I replied. It was awkward but whatever. I led him to the kitchen and we sat down. "My favorite room of every house." He smiled. "Mine too. I thought we might get hungry while we work." He nodded and I laughed. After like a half hour of working Aunt Janet walked in.

"Oh hello. Is this your friend you were talking about?" I nodded. We walked up behind me and whispered. "You didn't tell me he was so cute." I felt my cheeks sting. Im not sure if Niall heard that or not because he was sitting right next to me. It was hard to tell. He just smiled when I looked at him with embarrassed red stained cheeks. I couldn't determine which kind of smile it was. A "Yeah I heard that. And thanks." Or "I don't know what to do so I'm gonna just smile and wait." Aunt Janet walked away out of the room and left us in silence. 

"Should we get started?" He said. I nodded and took out the packet (I kept it when the class ended). We worked on it for about an hour and then was interrupted by Sam. "Taylor? Who's that?" Niall and I looked up at him and noticed for some reason he had a scared and confused look on his face. "Sam, this is Niall. He's my, friend from school. We're just working on something for one of our classes." Niall waved but Sam just stood there.

"Is there something you need?" She shook his head then ran up to his room. I think Niall was just as confused as I was. "Uh... Sorry about that... I... don't know why he's acting weird." 

"That's ok. Should we continue?" I nodded and picked back up my pencil. 

Sadly not too long after we had finished and he had to leave. "So I'll see you at school tomorrow I guess." 

"Yup...Thanks for coming over and finishing the packet." He replied with a 'your welcome', and we just stood there knowing that he didn't want to leave and that I didn't want him to. But we were too shy on the surface to admit it to each other. After what seemed like ten minutes he broke the silence. "Well I better be going." We both said our goodbyes and he walked down the walkway from the driveway where his mom had just came to pick him up. All I wanted is to be partnered with him again and to come over again. It wasn't like we had fun but like just being with him feels better.






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