Stay By Me~ Niall Horan FF

Taylor Smith is just a regular girl. As soon as she had to move into her Aunt's house with her younger brother and sister, she already has friends and fits in at her school. In one class she hasn't noticed one boy who never talked much until she got new seats and sat next to him. His name is Niall Horan. Friends or more? Whatever kind of relationship they will have, won't it got ruined when Niall has tried out for the X-Factor and doesn't have anymore time for Taylor anymore?


3. Blondie

Taylor's POV
we got new seats I was surprised that I still got a desk next to 3 out of my 7 friends in the class. Two on my left, and one behind me. On my right there was a guy I didn't know. It was the first time I noticed he was in my class. I guess he didn't talk much either. I didn't really see his face though. I caught a quick glimpse when he walked in the class but the whole time he has had his hood of his sweatshirt on. When Mrs. Flanko our teacher walked in, she told the guy next to me to take his hood off. I watched carefully for a strange unknown reason. He slipped it off slowly from the back of his head. I awkwardly started to gasp then bitig my lip. I think he heard he before I stopped myself. He looked at me with beautiful blue eyes. I couldn't keep MY eyes off them. I gazed lower down his face cascading to his lips. They hung open just enough to look the best way. You see a bit of his teeth which I have to say are pretty white. His lips seemed plush and perfect. I went back up to his eyes. Ohhhh his eyes. Amazing. I looked up a little higher to his hair. Blond. Very light. And again perfect. It was messy but not crazy bed head messy. He looked gorgeous. I haven't nearly seen someone who seemed so quiet and uninvolved looking so handsome. This all happened in about 4 seconds then I felt my cheeks sting with red embarrassment. Out of the corner of my eye I still looked at him and I noticed he was still looking at me. I don't know if he saw this I was still partially looking at him. Then he did as I was, staring down at the table in front of him. Mrs. Flanko began teaching. I was half listening and half off task still seeing out of the corner of my eye him looking at me for a second or two then back to where Mrs. Flanko was. After 10 minutes of class she said, "You are going to be paired up with the person next to you for this project." Either that means Emma my friend on the left or the guy on my right. "So you, Ashley, will be with Heather, Alexandra you'll be with Emma, Taylor, you and Niall..." And on and on. Guess I'm with the one on my right. I looked at him and he looked back. I didn't really know what to say but he said, "Guess were partners." I nodded and smiled. Even though I don't really know him, I like this blondie. 

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