Being Bisexual

Yeah, we like boys and girls! People say god made us how we are, then they say being gay is a sin. People say be yourself, then they judge you. See now the people who accept us for who we are, are you the ones we keep around. But the ones who accept us for who we are, they act like they know everything, they ask from us, what they would ask a whore. We aren't whores, we were just able to find love in both genders. Hear our story.


7. Janitors Closet

                                                          JUPITER'S POV

As soon as he closed the door I pushed him to the wall. His blue eyes still seem to glow in the dark. I smash my lips to his and wrap his legs around my waist.He grabs my hair traces his tongue across my lip and I let him enter.We kiss for about 8 min, then I started to grind up against him. I felt his buldge through his jeans as I grinded. I heard the bell lunch and pulled away. Kareen was out of breath when I pulled away, i laughed. I helped him up and looked through the window to see if anyone was there. When it was clear we both left for the lunch room.

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