Being Bisexual

Yeah, we like boys and girls! People say god made us how we are, then they say being gay is a sin. People say be yourself, then they judge you. See now the people who accept us for who we are, are you the ones we keep around. But the ones who accept us for who we are, they act like they know everything, they ask from us, what they would ask a whore. We aren't whores, we were just able to find love in both genders. Hear our story.


5. History Class

                                                   KAREEN'S POV

His eyes were the green orbs of an alien here to abduct me into his saucer of love. His name is Jupiter. I would love to wrap my fingers in his Caramel brown hair, as his plump red lips smashed against mine. I hoped he would sit next to me as he walked in. Oh did his white v-neck cling ever so tight to his torso.I could tell out his six pack all the down to his v-line that disappears into his baggy gray sweat pants."hi" he said as he took a seat next to me in the back of the class. A cheeky smile was all I could return." Hey I didn't catch your name I'm Jupiter". "I'm Kareen"."Nice to meet you Kareen"."Nice to meet you too Jupiter" , I said with a huge smile.He bit his lip and winked before facing the teacher.*17 min. into class* Jupiter reached over , placed his hand on my knee and whispered "I know you like me, your not good at hiding things babe".I shivered as his hand traveled higher up my thigh. Then higher, Then higher, up until his hand was directly over my crotch......."meet me in the janitors closet".He whispered.

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