Being Bisexual

Yeah, we like boys and girls! People say god made us how we are, then they say being gay is a sin. People say be yourself, then they judge you. See now the people who accept us for who we are, are you the ones we keep around. But the ones who accept us for who we are, they act like they know everything, they ask from us, what they would ask a whore. We aren't whores, we were just able to find love in both genders. Hear our story.


8. After The Movie

                                                                                 CONSTELLATION'S POV

After the movie was a little weird, you know being how I freakin made out with meralina right before. She keeps looking at me, and I keep blushing, so that is not helping anything. "You blush a lot." she said "You keep looking at me." I said "Why do I make you blush, if anything you should be making me blush right now."She said. "Why?"I asked. " Because you kissed me, and just, i don't know, I just can't believe it." " Why wouldn't you believe it." " Because I have liked you for so long and you feel the same, you do feel the same right? I mean that is why you kissed me?"I had to think about it. Yes i do like her. Yes that is the reason I kissed her. The thing is will she instantly want to be in a relationship? I'm not ready for love, I'm only 14.Well there is only one way to find out." Yes. I do feel the same,I do like you Meralina."She smiles and leans in." But there is only one thing." I interrupt. "What is it?" She asks. " I'm not ready to be in a relationship." I say. She leans back and stares at me. " okay, we can go slow if you want, but after that I don't know I can let go knowing you feel the same." I smile "Okay.""SO What do I call you? My Wifey or girlfriend to be?" She does a short laugh as she says this." I guess that should be okay. That would mean you are the man in the relationship." " I am totally fine with that!" She Half yells.

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