Safe & Sound

its new, hope u guys like it!!
​I remember you said,
"Don't leave me here alone."
But all that's dead and gone and passed tonight.


13. So long, my luckless romance. My back is turned on you. part 3

“Mind your eyes,” Kennedy cautions Addison as she pulls the green shirt over her head, smoothing it out over her torso and fixing her frizzed hair from the friction. “All set,” she smiles.

Addison grabs onto Charlie’s paw and lets her mother return to packing up her belongings into the tote bag, including tying up her new balloon on the strap.

“You look so lovely, Ad!” Miranda compliments, “We could be twins. I have a lime blouse at home. I’ll show you when we get there. Or at least, I think it’s at Harry’s house. Is it in your closet?”

“Probably,” Harry laughs halfheartedly.

Kennedy feels her irritation build in her stomach and suddenly she’s not so regretful that she once told the woman to go to hell.

“Can I talk to you outside for a minute, Harry?” she speaks through gritted teeth.

He eyes her suspiciously from his spot beside Miranda. “Alright.”

Leaving Addison to the annoyance of trying to ignore Miranda’s attempts to get her to speak to her, Kennedy turns the knob of the door and meets him behind it.

“You are not taking Addison to your place,” she declares, “You didn’t even ask me.”

“I didn’t know I had to ask to spend time with my own daughter,” he fires back.

“You don’t. But she's been running a fever for hours. She has to go home. I won’t let you take her around to show her off and make her even more miserable than she already is with that woman.”

“She’s not miserable. She’s shy.”

“Whatever,” Kennedy scoffs, “Look, I don’t know what’s going on with you, but I didn’t call you out here to cause more trouble in my life, alright?”

“Oh, yeah, because you’ve never caused any trouble in mine what with keeping secrets and all.”

She stares at him in shock, shaking her head at the unfamiliarity of his glaring face.

“You’re not taking her,” she puts in her last word, “And I don’t know what you’ve done with the Harry I know, but I want him back.”

“The Harry you knew is long gone. Just like the Kennedy I knew.”

Her eyes are a blend of infuriation and sheer disappointment in his cruel words. She doesn’t bother making another sound as she turns the knob again and goes inside the room to find Miranda sitting in a chair, seemingly given up on trying to lure Addison into friendship.

“Come on, Addie. Say goodbye.” Kennedy straps the tote bag onto her shoulder and reaches for the toddler, sitting her high on her hip. She ignores Miranda’s looks of confusion sent in Harry’s direction.

“Harry’s not coming home with us like last time?” Addison asks.

“I’ll come to visit soon, Addie,” he assures her, kissing her cheek.

“Okay, don’t get sick this time,” she grins.

“I won’t. I promise.”

Without another look at either of them, Kennedy leaves him and Miranda in the empty room, walking out of the hospital with her daughter, feeling just as alone as she did before Harry even came along.

The ride home is when the tears surface, this time in Kennedy’s eyes rather than Addison's. The child watches her mother in the rearview mirror, witnessing each tear she tries so hard to hide but can’t no matter how many times she wipes a tissue over her mascara. It’s a blurry drive and Kennedy moves too slowly, afraid that her emotions are compromising Addison’s safety. She can’t believe she’s letting Harry cause this in her. It was her own fault all along.

“Mama, why are you crying?” Addison asks quietly from the backseat, hugging Charlie close.

Kennedy sniffles a few times, embarrassed that she’s made it obvious. “Mama’s just a little sad right now, that’s all. I’ll be okay, baby.”

“Why are you sad?”

“Sometimes,” she says thickly, “Words can be hurtful, even if they’re the truth.”

Addison tries to understand, but it’s difficult. The reasoning behind why her mother’s crying isn’t as important to her as what can make her stop. She settles on the only thing she knows that works every time and the moment she begins, Kennedy can’t help the grin that emerges amidst the last of her tears.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,” Addison sings softly, “You make me happy when skies are grey. You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you.

She hums the last line like Kennedy always does and starts over until she sees her laughing in the mirror.

“You are an angel,” she tells the child, “And I love you so much.”

“Did I fix it?”

“Yes,” Kennedy smiles, dabbing away the remaining moisture on her face, “You did. Thank you, sweetheart.”

Once they reach the flat building, Kennedy jumps from the driver's seat and meets the child in the back to hugs her as tightly as she can, and Addison can’t figure out why her mother’s so happy with her but she likes it. She welcomes her embrace, always thankful of a hug, and climbs onto her to go inside. Kennedy keeps the house key gripped in her hand to keep from having to search through all her bags, something that happens more often than she likes to admit.

She enters the building and once her flat door comes into view, she freezes in her tracks.

“Hey,” says the woman standing in front of it. Her voice breaks and she’s smiling with sad eyes, but for the most wonderful reasons her smile is the best Kennedy’s seen in a long time.

Addison quickly hides from the stranger in the crook of her mother’s neck, turning to whisper into her ear, “Who’s that?”

Kennedy swallows the lump in the back of her throat.

“That’s Gemma.”

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