From fan to lover. (Sequel to Lucy and Eloise best friends no matter what?)

Sequel to= Lucy and Eloise best friends no matter what?
This is a story about Eloise and Justin Bieber
Lucy and Niall Horan
Izzy, Amelia and Zayn Malik
Bethany and Harry Styles
Liam Payne and Louis Tominson


1. Wedding

Kathleens POV: 

As i took my seat in the pews i marveled at the grandness of the church. The luscious silky golden curtains were drawn and gently whacking my shoulder, we all raised as Justin and Niall waited eagerly at the front. As soon as the doors twitched the room fell quite as everybody was hushed at the beauty of Eloise and Lucy standing there they had smiles on there faces and a sparkle in there eyes. Eloise was wearing a dress that was longer than her so it left a trial behind her back and was dotted with diamonds. She had her hair curled and into a bun with curls escaping, it was fastened with a small tiara on her head. Lucy had her curly hair cascading down her shoulders with a small diamond encrusted tiara. She was wear and floor length ivory dress with a layer of netting over the skirt. It was strapless and has diamonds along the top and in little diamond falls down the side. (A waterfall effect) they both had a bunch of flowers in there hands both were white with sparkles all over them. As they gliding down the aisle I kept my focus on the grooms. How thee faces lit up as they walked into the room. How there smiles grew with every step the girls took. How there eyes shone over by the beauty that they held. We sat and they started with the ceremony, when it came to the vows Justin went first "Eloise. Since I met you I have felt different, like I have never felt before. It was like something was making me want to protect, look over and love you. And I am so happy when I am around you; your beautiful and I love you with more than my heart. I trust you with everything, my happiness, my family, my life." As everybody cooed I looked around quickly to make sure I wasn't the only one with tears running down my face. Niall the. Proceeded with his vows. "Lucy, you are the best thing in my life at the minute, your the light of my life. The one who I want to be with every second of everyday. I hate being away from you! I love you Lucy and you are my world, my heart, my everything." He finished, there was another round of cooing as tears came down further and further. As the ceremony came to an end we all got up and left the building, as we waited for the brides and grooms we all talked at how beautiful the ceremony was. When the great golden doors opened we chucked our confetti over the brides and grooms. They went into the awaiting sleek white hummers (separate one each) then we each drove to the reception after. Eloise and Lucy were stood at the door welcoming us all in. Justin and Niall were inside directing people to tables. When the music started everybody rushed to the front to dance. I watched Lilly carefully as she was only 5. i saw her walk up to Eloise. As Eloise lifted her up Justin came over and hugged them both, i then noticed that they would be perfect with a family of their own. As  Lilly came bounding towards me i smiled wildly and got up on the dance floor. When it came to the first dance they looked so beautiful together, like they were mad for each other. i was so glad i had been invited to such a wonderful day. 

Just at the end of the song as everybody was clapping. the doors flung open and the man stood there grabbed everybodys attention, i saw Eloise and Lucy gasp and jump back as the burly man just stood and stared, smirking at us.

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