The New Kid

When new foreign exchange student Niall Horan comes to Woodly High School Ashley's world gets turned upside down.


22. Wait What? (Ashley's POV)

 "I'm confused, why would she do something like that?" I asked him, he leaned back into the couch.

  "I-I don't know, I knew there was something I didn't like about that girl" he said.

  "Ha, you knew she was trouble when she walked in?" I said trying to lighten up the mood, he gave me a little smile but he was still upset. I know he is hurting so much inside, not being with your best friends and upsetting your fans. "Have you talked to Harry since you left?" I asked, putting my hand on his knee.

  "No, I am afraid he won't listen or just freak out on me" he claimed, I can tell he wanted to talk to him. "Plus I wouldn't know what to say" he continued.

  "You need to tell him it was all Taylor" I stated, he gave me a look which made me realize he probably already tried.

  "Look babe, I am fine, I appreciate the help but Harry is not going listen" he said grabbing my waist and kissing my forehead. I just can't let this go, I have to figure out a way to get Harry and Niall together so they can talk this out. But how? I don't have Harry's number and I can tweet him but I know he won't see it  because all the directioners blowing up his twitter mentions. There was a knock on the door it made me jump then I remembered that Niall ordered pizza. We sat at the table to eat but I was still focused on this whole Taylor situation and Niall noticed. "Ashley, just let it go I don't my princess stressing over this" he said as he chewed his food. "Lets just talk about something else" he suggested. But I can't talk about something else other than the fact that some bitch is ruining my boyfriends career. I have to find a way to contact Harry or even another band mate. Ugh I am not going to be able to sleep tonight, I finished my pizza and asked Niall for a ride home but he wanted me to stay the night. So instead he took home to get a change of clothes. Since there are four days of springs break left I want to enjoy it even if it means letting this go...for now.

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