The New Kid

When new foreign exchange student Niall Horan comes to Woodly High School Ashley's world gets turned upside down.


17. The Rush. (Ashley's POV)

   "Are you sure we're ready?" I asked in between kisses, I looked up at him and he stopped.

  "Only if you are" he replied putting his hands back around my waist, I smiled at him at started kissing him again while hung hooking my bra. I felt his kiss all over my neck making his way down to my cleavage, he began to slowly pull the bra down and off of my arms. I gave him a few kisses then started to unbutton his shorts and unzip them, I could feel his hardness underneath me and I wanted it so bad now. Niall's hand then moved under my butt and he pushed aside my panties and began rubbing on my entrance. I let out a soft moan, his fingers moved in a circular motion then I felt one finger inside, I closed my eyes as he went faster. Another finger was inserted I let out a small whimper, and leaned on him my breast was pushed against his chest. His hardness was peeking out the top of his boxers so I thought I'd give it a little tease.I let go of him and went down under the steering wheel on my knees, I licked the top of his tip and blew, his head flew back.

 "Oh, Ash" he moaned, as I removed his boxers completely and stood back up in just my panties until Niall pulled them off. He grabbed waist to put me back on his lap, I sat on his length I let out a gasp as I slowly moved up and down.  My moans started to get louder and fill the car. "Faster babe" he whispered, I grabbed the sides of the seats so I could have a better grip to increase my speed. He had reached his climax and released his sperm into me. I started going slower and laid against him I was out of breath. "You're amazing, you know that?" he said as I was moving back to my seat and reaching for my clothes.

 "Thanks, I think the same about you" I said while pulling up my shorts, he quickly got dress and reached for his phone. "What time is it?" I asked.

  "Four Fifty" he answered, he put on his shoes, "I am going to run across the street and grab some beers okay?" He said while opening the door.

 "Alright, hurry back Hun" I replied, after he got out I looked for my sandals under the seat. I rolled the window down some because it was hot in that car. It has been fifteen minuets since Niall had left across the street. I called his phone but he didn't answer, so I texted him:


  A: *Hey, is everything okay? where are you?* five minuets later I got a reply:

  N: *NO.*


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