The New Kid

When new foreign exchange student Niall Horan comes to Woodly High School Ashley's world gets turned upside down.


7. The Pain

 "H-harry, I was j- " Taylor interrupted me. She ran up to him pretending to cry while hugging him, oh just wait until Harry finds out what she did.

 "Oh, Harry I was just in here reading my book and Niall just came on to me" She "cried". Harry looked up at me and quickly looked away. "And then he just started kissing me, and trying to take my clothes off and told to stop but he didn't listen to me" She continued. I was shocked, I can't believe this girl why is she doing this?

 "Harry, she is lying that never happened!" I shouted, he looked as if he didn't believe me. I moved closer to him.

 "Get away from me" Harry said, "Why would do this? I thought we were friends band mates? brothers?" he finished.

 "We are Harry, your girlfriend is a liar" I said.

 "Why would lie about you trying to hook up with me?" she questioned "Sounds pathetic if you ask me" she said with a grin.

 "NO YOU'RE PATHETIC, AND A LYING SLUT!" I yelled, Harry's eyes quickly met mine I can tell I angered him.

  "Niall don't EVER call my girl a slut or any name of that sort!" he shot back, Harry suddenly was standing directly in front of me.

  "I trusted you, I thought you would be the last person to ever do something like this" He managed to let out calmly.

 "You can't trust anyone these days babe" Taylor said in the back.

 "Tell him the truth Taylor" I said.

 "No, you tell the truth Niall, she would never lie about that." Harry stated. "You know what? Just leave, get out before I seriously hurt you!" Harry yelled. 

 "You can't just kick me out, I am part on this band." I replied. "Harry, don't do this I am telling the truth I am your best friend believe me.'

Taylor came towards me and smiled. "Aww, it's okay Ni, trust me we are going to miss you oh so much."

I just lost it and I saw my hand just fly and smacked her across the face. It happened all too quickly, she flew back holding her cheek, sobbing.

 "What fuck is your problem" Harry said while slamming me into a wall and choking me. I was coughing, trying to release his hands. "If you EVER touch her again I will beat the shit out of you understand?" I didn't respond "DO YOU UNDERSTAND" he repeated. I nodded, his grip got tighter, his eye were like the devil had taken over. 

 "Okay Okay, I think he's had enough let him go" Taylor said as she was grabbing Harry's arm to let go.

 "Fine'' he mumbled and finally let me go, I was wheezing, and coughing, I stood up.

 "Whatever be with her I could care less, that wasn't what happened and I know it" I said still gasping for air.

 "Burn in hell" Taylor whispered. I smiled because having her around was like I was already there.

 As I am gathering my things Taylor grabs my arm and pulls me closer and plants one last kiss. "Oh, and if you tell anyone what really happened you will be sorry." she giggled "Okay bye Niall" she said sarcastically. 

 "You need to leave now" Harry said to me, I can still her the anger in his voice but I can see the hurt in his eyes.

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