The New Kid

When new foreign exchange student Niall Horan comes to Woodly High School Ashley's world gets turned upside down.


21. Something Strange.


When I picked up my phone I read another text from that unknown number

Niall, ohhh don't get too excited lad! this may not be your last trip to the hospital :) - A friend.

Who was this? why were they doing this? what have I done wrong, is it that situation with Taylor? But she told me if I told anyone she would come after me and I haven't told a soul. Then who could this be? I need to find out who this is, I looked around to see who were using their cell phones but that was no help because everyone was on their phones so it could be anyone of those people out there. We arrived to my house and it wasn't big it was a one bedroom home since I'm the only one living here. Ashley has never been to my house so I was a little nerves.

  "Well, this is my palace welcome my princess" I said while giving her a bow and letting her in. "Ummm ignore the mess I haven't cleaned it since you know I've been gone." I continued as her eyes zeroed in on the pile of clothes on the floor. 

  "Niall, why did you change your mind about going to get something to eat?" she asked ignoring my comment about the mess. " I mean you never turn down food before, why all of a sudden now?" she continued to questioned.

 "Because I just wasn't hungry anymore, it's not a big deal just let it go Ash", I replied in a annoyed tone. 

 "Hmm, I find that really weird that when you get a text you suddenly aren't hungry anymore?"

 "What are you trying to say?" I said under my breathe, she rolled her eyes and walked away.

 "I'm just saying Ni, I find it a little strange" She retorted

 "I don't think this suspicion is from me not wanting to eat, is something wrong?" I asked her. She turned away and was walking around the kitchen trying to avoid my question. "Babe?" I said while grabbing her arm.

 "What?" she said in a aggravated voice, I can tell she was upset about something. "I got a text from a girl named Taylor today" she finally mumbled, I swallowed hard and backed up a little.

 "W-what did she s-say to you?" I choked, and walked towards the fridge to get me some water. 

"Who is she?" Ashley asked ignoring my question and giving me a serious look. She looked more angry than upset, but once I explain everything to her she will understand.

 "Taylor Swift, Harry's girlfriend" I said while swallowing the water in my throat.

  "Well, why is she texting me, telling me "Don't get too comfortable with my new boyfriend?"

 "Because, she is a lying bitch and the reason why I am here and not with One Direction in the first place, I hate her." 

 "Why? what happened between you two?"

  "She ruined my friendship with Harry and got me kicked out of the band" I  told her as I sat down.

"How? and why?" she asked, sitting next to me.

 "She basically framed me and made Harry believe I was trying to hook up with her, which I would never do" I ranted "Like why would I try getting with my bestfriends girlfriend especially TAYLOR SWIFT, the girl who is known for turning her love life into a hit record!" 

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