The New Kid

When new foreign exchange student Niall Horan comes to Woodly High School Ashley's world gets turned upside down.


2. Our first conversation

After that wink I went back to what I was doing and started reading my favorite book, "The Outsiders" Then I felt a light tap on my shoulder I figured it was him because who else could it be? "Uh, Ashley do have a pencil I can borrow?" Niall asked.

  "No, sorry all I have is a pen" I replied back quickly. He looked a little annoyed because his pencil broke and he didn't want to ask if he can sharpen it. "But I can go get you want from the box over there if would like" I told him. His eyes met up with mine and he smiled, oh my eye had blues guys I love guys with blue eyes. 

 "Oh no it's fine you don't have to I will just read the student handbook until class is over." He answered. I could tell that he was very comfortable talking to me for some reason and I kinda liked it. "So what's up with all these kids this school is very crowded and loud." he said changing the subject. "Like I couldn't even walk down the hall without getting bumped into" he continued.

 "Yeah, it is pretty packed in this school but you will get used to it in a couple weeks me". I giggled. "I remember my freshman year here I was a skinny shy girl who got crushed in these halls" I aid while showing him my freshman picture from the yearbook. Niall started to laugh he wasn't quiet with it either it was a big laugh he let out. His laugh was addicting and cute at the same time, I couldn't help but start laughing with him. Everyone started starring at us like we were freaks and they never heard of laughter before. Goodness gracious his face was cherry red, I didn't think I looked that funny I was with my giant bow in my hair. 

  "Wow, that's you? it doesn't even look like it, the years have been kind to you my friend" he stated. I don't know what he meant by that but I hope it was a compliment. The bell rang for lunch and I was heading out the door until Miss Greenly stopped me.

"Ashley since it seems you and our new student had a wonder conversation during class, you wouldn't mind showing him around would you?' she asked.

 "No, I'd love too, can I show him what we are working on in the musical?' Miss Greenly is the directer/writer of our new school musical that I'm starring in.

"Yes, but if there are people practicing do not interrupt" she answered. "Well okay now, give this young man the tour of his life" she continued. I smiled and me and Niall walked out of the door first I showed him the workroom/study hall. He didn't seem that interested so I moved on to the next location, which was the gym.

  "I'm not that much of an active person, so I know I won't pass this class" he stated. I just looked at him this boy had to be joking with muscles like that he MUST be doing something.

'You don't need to do much in this class just show up and you'll be fine hun" I told him.

  "Woah! hun we've been friends for 45 minuets and you already have a pet-name for me?" I looked embarrassed. "It's okay babe because I just gave you a pet-name also" he said laughed. 

He started walking further down the hall and stopped at the band room door. I caught up with him and I noticed his eyes were focused on the guitar that was in there. "Can we go in there?" he asked eagerly. 

  "I don't think so, Mr. Blakeson will get upset" I replied, Niall gave me this puppy dog look I must admit it was pretty cute. "I'm sorry but I am not taking the risk."

 "Whatever, I'm going in" he said, .I'm guess he doesn't take no for an answer.

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