The New Kid

When new foreign exchange student Niall Horan comes to Woodly High School Ashley's world gets turned upside down.


14. Niall's POV

   "So homework for spring break is to have fun" my teacher said as the bell rang, I met up with Ashley at her locker.

  "Hey beautiful" I said when she arrived and greeted me with a hug. "Are you ready for spring break?" I questioned. 

  "Uhhhh, yeah" she said with a smile but she didn't sound to excited, I helped her put her things into her bag.

  "My sister Janice is having a little get together at her house and she would love for us to come" I told her.

  "I didn't know you had a sister Niall" she said in a high pitched tone, she slammed her locker shut we headed down the hall. "How old is she?" she asked.

  "Well she isn't me real sister but we've known each other since we were in pre-k, and she's like a sister and she is 20" I finished.

  "When is it?" she said as we walked out of the door. "I'm pretty sure I can go, but I have to make sure my mum doesn't need to home for some crazy reason" she sighed.

  "It's tomorrow at six, but I'll pick you up at four so we have time to ourselves for a while" I said as I walked her over to her car.

  "Okay hun, I will just text you and tell you what mum says" she told me, before she got into her car I grabbed her close and gave her a quick kiss. "Bye" she said into my neck as we hugged, I opened the door for her.

" Bye babe, be safe see you tomorrow" I said into the window, she waved bye and pulled off.

 I stayed standing in the parking lot until I couldn't see her car anymore, then I walked home. I think when we have our alone time tomorrow I will tell her about One Direction, Taylor and Harry and the real reason I moved here in the first place. I hope she still wants to be with me and will understand the stress I am  under.

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