The New Kid

When new foreign exchange student Niall Horan comes to Woodly High School Ashley's world gets turned upside down.


5. Niall's POV

  Wow, did I really just say that, now she is going to know for sure I have a crush on her. Or maybe she thinks I'm being nice or saying it as a friend but I want to be more than friends. Ashley is the perfect girl for me she has the most beautiful smile with little dimples, curves in all the right places, nice silky brunette hair just the perfect length. Oh my, I hope I can take things further and beyond "friendship I think we would be great for each other. I know it will take a while for us to even talk about us dating, I only known her for not even a whole day. I also noticed Ashley giving this little girls' shirt a dirty look I was curious as to why she did it so I looked at her shirt and It has the "One Direction" logo on it. YIKES, that's not good, because I am in One Direction, luckily she has never seen or even listen to our music because she would have recognized me. I didn't understand why the girl hasn't noticed me either, I mean how can she have not seen me? Maybe because she was too focused on the giant McDonald's playhouse. Matter of fact no-one has noticed me yet, hmm that's strange but then again I do look quite different, my natural hair color fully grew back, I don't have me braces on, I talk with a lisp now because of me retainers, My voice has gotten a lot deeper not to mention I gained more muscle weight. But what of Ashley did find out or someone did recognize  me then what would I do? I could never walk the halls or the streets with some sort of craziness. I kinda like being a normal person and not having to hide or run away from fans and not being mobbed. Most of all I liked Ashley, I never was able to talk to a girl because I who I am they always wanted me for  "Niall Horan, the celebrity" Not "Niall Horan the Person". I don't want her to be mad if I tell her the truth, will she be mad? or run around telling everybody? will she suddenly want to be with me because I am famous? All of these things started to give me a stress headache. I bet you are wondering why I am here and not on tour with my band mates? Lets just say something happened that forced me to take a break for a while It was either that or someone I love dies. I always protect the ones I love even if it means leaving One Direction.

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