The New Kid

When new foreign exchange student Niall Horan comes to Woodly High School Ashley's world gets turned upside down.


24. Nerves (Niall POV)

  I couldn't sleep at all last night I kept thinking about what I was going to say to Harry. The concert was four days away and I'm stressing like it was tomorrow. This is insane, why am I going through this? I should be with my lads practicing and recording, having fun. But no, A dumb bitch is ruining my life and it just isn't fair. I know, I know I shouldn't talk down on ANY women like this but Taylor isn't a women, she is a child who needs to grow up. I wish this wasn't happening, and Haylor never existed. I know deep down inside Harry believes me, he is just in love and isn't thinking straight. I am starting to second guess this something in my mind is telling me I shouldn't even bother going. It's juts that if I don't go Ashley would be upset with me. Ahh whatever I'll go because I miss my best friends, and I know they miss me. Hopefully Harry will give me the time of day and listen to me, and won't be a jerk about it. I'm pretty sure Taylor is going to be there though, ugh what if she tells him I'm there? I can get Ashley to distract her, and that way I can sneak pass and get on stage. 

  "Hey Niall, what are you doing up so early?" Ashley said as she starts to making coffee.

  "I couldn't sleep, too busy thinking about this whole Harry, Taylor situation." I answered, she sighed and gave me a sad look. 

   "I don't want you to stress about it, we don't have to go if you don't wan to." she told me. 

   "Eh, I wanna go, I'm ready to get this over with" I reassured her. "If I go you get to meet your crush Louis Tomlinson." I teased.

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