The New Kid

When new foreign exchange student Niall Horan comes to Woodly High School Ashley's world gets turned upside down.


16. In the car

"What are you talking about, do I have a reason not to trust you?" I replied, he pulled over in a old parking lot and he stopped the car. He then stopped the car, "Niall?" He looked at me and then out the window.

" I ask because I-I, I can't explain it" he whispered, he then began to look out the window and up into the sky. I grabbed his arm so he can turn and look at me.

 "Try your best, I promise I will listen and won't judge you" I said into his neck while giving him a hug, "Just tell me Hun" I also said. He looked into my eyes and I can see that whatever is was that's bothering him is  hurting him. 

 "First I must tell you something you so will understand" I was still confused as to what he was talking about. "Have you heard of the band One Direction?" he asked. Oh he is finally telling me who he is, but how do I tell him that I ready knew? I wonder if he going to tell me why he isn't with them or just say he used to be with them.

  "umm, I don't listen to them but my little cousin loves you guys" I said really fast, my eyes then got really big because I just basically told him I knew.

  "What?!" His eyes squinted in a suspicious way, "You know I'm part of One Direction or was part of it?" he asked. Well, he didn't react how I expected him to?

 "Yeah, but I wanted you to tell me" I said loudly as I playfully hit him in the arm.

 "Hey, hey I'm sorry" he whimpered while rubbing his arm.

 "It's okay, Niall I like you for you not the famous you" I said as I moved over toward him and sit on his lap facing him.

" woah, babe getting a little comfortable aren't ya" he giggled as he put his hands around my waist, I slowly moved my head down for a kiss. His kisses were the best thing ever, like he says in his song 'Every kiss gets a little sweeter' . As we went further into the kiss I felt his hands gliding up the back of my shirt and his fingers on my bra strap, I stopped and looked up at him while biting my lip. "May I?" he asked with his finger underneath strap of my bra.


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