The New Kid

When new foreign exchange student Niall Horan comes to Woodly High School Ashley's world gets turned upside down.


6. How It Started.

 It all began when Harry started dating Taylor, I knew something sounded sketchy when I heard they were together. Like come on we all know how that girl is, she's crazy! But I guess I never really seen crazy until Lou's 21st birthday celebration. At that time I didn't even know if Harry and Taylor were still with each other at the time an quite frankly I did NOT care. I didn't like her one bit, and she sure in hell did NOT like me. I remember this one day we were all hanging out just having fun and I just pulled Harry to the side and told him when and where our next rehearsals were at. I noticed as I was talking to him Taylor was giving me a mean look like I did something wrong. Then she got up and came towards us kinda in like slow motion with a smirk on her face like she had something planned.

  "Hey, Harry, can you get my bag out of you car pleaaasseee?, she said trying to be flirty. I looked disgusted how could Harry ever want her.

  "Of course darling, Harry replied while giving her a little peck on the cheek. Then Harry headed to the car looking back giving me and Taylor a creepy smile. Taylor blew him a kiss, then all of a sudden when she turned around I saw a whole different girl. She pushed me into the the wall and stared me down for a phew seconds. 

  She looked around and then just kissed me not like a little kiss it was more like a I want you kiss, I tried getting her off of me but she was putting all of her weight on me. When she to slide her tongue into my mouth I denied her entry, I wasn't going to do this to Harry and I never will. I was trying to back up and maybe move my head away,but that was a mistake because I fell right into a chair. Finally Taylor stopped kissing me and she looked up at me winked, but when tried getting out of the chair she pushed me back to sit down.

 "Where do you think you're going, little boy? she said quietly.

 "STOP!, this isn't right and you know it Harry will not like this " I replied angerly, she gave me a devilish smile

 "Oh, Niall that's why It feels even more right, and who says Harry will find out? She giggled. As she was saying that she leaned over me and started rubbing her finger on my chest, and I grabbed her hand pushed it away. I mouthed the words stop and she out her finger over my lips to shush me. I turned my head away from her. I hated this why would she do this to Harry he is so faithful to her? Taylor grabbed my face and turned my head toward her and she started kissing me again. I am pushing her away by her hips which wasn't too smart. Because she liked my hands on her hips she moved in closer I was getting tired and weak so our warm bodies ended up touching.

 "Ive been waiting for this moment" She whispered in my ear. Too bad because "This Moment" was ending. I found the strength to get up out of the chair and stand up but I was still in her grip. As I am struggling to get away I heard the door creak open.

 "Is this really happening right now?" I heard from the doorway, turned around as fast I could to see Harry standing there.......



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