The New Kid

When new foreign exchange student Niall Horan comes to Woodly High School Ashley's world gets turned upside down.


3. His Voice

  "Ugh, Niall I said we shouldn't go in there Mr. Blakeson will get mad!" I shouted, but he ignored me and went to pick up the guitar. I started to freak out inside because if this boy doesn't know what he he doing and damages this guitar I will be in big trouble. Then I noticed how he picked up the guitar that he is left handed, he it in front of him and started strumming the strings lightly. "Look, just don't break it okay" I said.

 "Don't worry babe, I know what I am doing" he replied then gave me a another quick wink. He started playing in the style of We the Kings song Use Somebody that was my favorite song in the beginning of the semester, I always had it on replay. He then began to hum the lyrics, tapping his foot each time he would strum. I walked around the room looking all of the different instruments, reading the motivating posters.When all of a sudden I heard the most beautiful thing ever and when I turned around it was Niall singing. He didn't miss any note or mess up any lyrics his voice was like an angel I couldn't help but smile because this kid was amazing. Then he looked up at me, I must have made him nerves because he ended up stumbling on his words. I was just standing there smiling like an idiot as I watched him get up and put the guitar back on the stand. "Umm, why are you starring at me like that?" he mummbled.

   "Well, you could have told me you have the voice of an angel!" I shrieked, "You got some serious talent Niall Horan" I teased. He was smiling but I could tell he didn't believe me, he just looked at the ground and gave a little shrug.

 "I guess, but I don't think I am that good." he finally said, my eyes got big; is he serious right now ? He was more than good.

 "You're right, you aren't that good Niall you're amazing" I told him just as he was gonna say something back the lunch bell rang. "You hungry?" I asked him, he nodded his head yes and we started heading to the cafeteria. "Oh, and don't think this conversation is done Niall" I said as we were getting in line. He rolled his eyes and grabbed a tray "I'm just saying, with a voice like that you can go places" I continued.

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