The New Kid

When new foreign exchange student Niall Horan comes to Woodly High School Ashley's world gets turned upside down.


1. His First Day

   "Class, I would like you all to meet our new foreign exchange student." As the teacher was saying this my head slowly moved up towards her direction. "His name is Niall, he came to us from Ireland." Wow a foreign exchanged student here? I only seen foreign students on TV and movies.
    "What part of Ireland are you from?" Miss Greenly asked.
    "Mullingar" he replied, you can hear his soft Irish accent and it was quite obvious he was shy. This boy had nothing to be shy about he is a he is absolutely gorgeous. I've never saw a boy this cute ever in my 17 years of living. I am sure he will make friends instantly cause he is an eye catching young lad .
      "Find an empty desk and sit down please" she said with a smile. Niall froze for a second then started walking down my row, you can see his biceps flex as he swayed his arms side to side. Please don't sit by, please, pleassseee don't sit by me, I get so nerves around boys especially cute boys at that. Too bad my wish didn't come true because Niall satin the seat right behind me. Uh, out of all the empty seats he had to choose this one?

  "Perfect pick, now every student is sitting in alphabetical order." Greenly stated, she then started to do roll call by last name to be sure. I started doing my homework while waiting for my name to be called but I could help but focus on what Niall but be thinking as he stares at the back of my head.
"Hayward" Miss Greenly yelled, "Ashley Hayward" she repeated. I rose my hand shyly, god I hate my name it's so ugly. "Horan" the teacher yelled out next, everyone looked so confused including me then I realized it must have been Niall's last name. I blushed as  he said here, I liked his name it was different. I must have been deep in thought because I whispered "Cute Name" but not quiet enough because people  stared at me. Niall looked up at me and said "Thanks love, but your name is really cute" then he did a little wink at me and continued writing.

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