The New Kid

When new foreign exchange student Niall Horan comes to Woodly High School Ashley's world gets turned upside down.


4. Big Eater

We got our lunches and sat down at a table, Niall seemed like he was very hungry because he was rushing to the table to eat. Which I don't see why though because the lunch here is so disgusting  I can't even look at it. Niall started unwrapping his sub as fast as he could. "Ashley are you not hungry?" he asked, hoping I say no, I studied my tray wondering if I should eat or not.

     "Ehh, no I'm good, do you want it or something?" I said, because I knew he did, he shook his head yes so I handed him my sandwich. As Niall started to take a bite a had to look away because I know his reaction won't be pretty. I heard coughing so I knew he didn't like it I was trying to hold in my laugh but I couldn't help let out a giggle.

   "Oh my god, this is f-ing nasty" he mumbled with a mouth full of food. I like how he didn't cuss but abbreviated the word instead. I smiled in agreement and we decided to go get something to eat from McDonald's . Before we went inside we got our orders together. When it was Nialls' turn to order he got almost everything on the menu, wow all I got was fries and a McFlurry I wasn't that hungry honesty. Finally after just standing around waiting for our food they called our number Niall was doing a little happy dance because his food was ready. He is so cute I just stared at him and his face lit up when he had the tray of food in his hand.

   "Lets go sit over there he said, I followed him to the booth I sat on the oppisite side of him so we were facing face to face. He just watched me as I took my straw out of the paper. I was trying not to make eye contact but it was kinda hard not to look at a cute boy looking at you.

   "What!" I said couriously, but he didn't answer me he just sat there looking at me like I didn't just ask him a question.

   "Nothing, its just that I've been with you all day and I haven't seen or met any of your friends yet." he finally said. I looked down I knew he was going wonder why i didn't have any friends.

    "Well, I don't really have any friends to be honest hun" I replied. He seemed like he was kinda suprised when I told him that.

     "Why babe, you look like you should have a million friends" he stated,I sighed because I knew that wasn't true .

     "Some people don't think that way, once I got to high schools I was kinda on my own all my friends went their seperate ways and left me behind." I told him.

   "I don't see why a beautiful girl like you? with no friends thats crazy if you ask me." he said with a mouth full of fries.

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